Randall considers designs for address signs

A sample address sign.

A sample address sign.

The Randall Town Board last week took a step forward with placing uniform address signs on all improved parcels in town by reviewing designs from a company that has installed the signs in several other Western Kenosha County municipalities.

The small metal signs would display the address number of the property. Options presented last week included signs that also had room for a street name and the town name. The signs are designed to make it easier for emergency services to find a given address.

The town has budgeted $45,000 for the project. There are no plans to charge residents for the signs or installation, said town Chairman Bob Stoll.

Plan commission member Ken Mangold, speaking as a citizen, questioned the need for the signs.

“I just wonder where this need arose,” Mangold said … “I think this is just a bad idea…”

But others defended the safety aspect of the signs.

“When seconds count, you want more information,” said Phil Johnson,  a former town supervisor who is running for town chairman and is a professional firefighter.

The board is scheduled to again discuss the signs and perhaps act on the proposal at its March 12 meeting.




  1. Pam Kroll says:

    It’s about time Randall has considered the signs. Phil Johnson is correct in saying minutes are precious when on a call. Maybe Mangold should go out late at night in a downpour, fog or a white out and see if he can find a given address. Thank God Wheatland and Bloomfield had gotten this done years ago. It has really helped the EMT’s, Firefighters and Sheriff’s departments locate the property quickly. With all the Tax Dollars Randall collects , $45,000 is a drop in the bucket when it comes to SAVING lives or properties.

    Thank you Randall for being Pro-active!

    Pam Kroll

  2. Jeff S says:

    Hopefully the fire dept knows what town they work for.

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