Work from 20 Wheatland Center School students in 2015 Southern Lakes Anthology

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

Twenty students at Wheatland Center School had their artwork, poem, cartoon, or story published in this year’s Southern Lakes Anthology.

The theme for this year’s anthology was “Expressions.” Students in grades third through eighth could submit a piece for consideration. Of the 24 pieces submitted from Wheatland, 20 of them were selected for publication by a panel of judges from area schools. Students who had their work selected for publication will be invited to a reception at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus on Wednesday, May 20. At the reception, each student will receive their own copy of the Anthology.

Wheatland students who had their work published are:

  • Emma Vogt, Poem, Feeling Like a Volcano.
  • James Shuemate, Cartoon, Here Come the Pets.
  • Ian Kerkman, Poem, Feeling Like a Football.
  • Marley Kinzle, Poem, Being… A Simile Poem.
  • Chloe Lois, Poem, Sport Court.
  • Beau Schwertfeger, Art, Prey and Predator.
  • Kendal Vinson, Poem, Sad and Happy: A Poem for Two Voices.
  • Peyton Williamson, Illus. Writing, My Face Says It All.
  • Ethan Keung, Poem, Waking Up on the Wrong Side of Bed.
  • Ben Carroll, Poem, Making the Cut.
  • Kate Weidner, Poem, Skiing.
  • Anna Carroll, Illus. Writing, Take the Stage.
  • Jack Vozel, Poem, The Strife of an Athlete.
  • Gabrielle Gasser, Poem, Becoming Reality.
  • Siara Volbrecht, Poem, Not Even a Day.
  • Morgan Ptak, Art, Out of Place.
  • Adam Simmons, Illus. Writing, Prolific or Horrific.
  • Jenna Kerkman, Cartoon, The Emoji Turtle.
  • Kelsey Seidl, Art, Inside the Dance.
  • Molly Grabarec, Art, When Pigs Fly.

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