School closings Feb. 2, 2015

The following schools have announced they will be closed on Feb. 2, 2015 due to weather:

  • Central High School.
  • Salem School.
  • Lakewood School.
  • Riverview School.
  • Trevor-Wilmot School.
  • Wilmot High School.
  • Brighton School.
  • Bristol School.
  • Wheatland Center School.
  • Paris School.
  • Randall School.
  • Westosha Head Start.
  • Providence Catholic School.


  1. Ughh says:

    Although I agree the safety of our children is important, I think closing schools because of a little snow or cold is getting a little out of hand. Maybe a 2 hour delay was more in store. I had no problem making it in to work, but I suppose, the majority of people think they can rush all the time, therefore ending up in ditches.

  2. Agree..... says:

    Not sure I agree with closing school today either – especially waiting until 5:30 this morning to start the autodialer. What did you (schools) know this morning that you didn’t know last night?

    The streets in Trevor (at least mine) were clear well before buses needed to run. No issues getting to work this morning (I drive 28 miles each way – half tollway, half local roads). I believe a 2 hour delay would have been a better choice rather than cancelling for a storm that was over and crews had plenty of opportunity to make it safe for travel.

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