Wheatland School Board adopts resolution opposing ATC line in front of school

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The above Google Maps Streetview shows the current electrical poles and lines along Highway O in front of Wheatland Center School.

The Wheatland J1 School Board adopted a resolution Wednesday opposing the placement of a new electrical transmission line along Highway O in front of Wheatland Center School.

The board will be sending a letter to the Public Service Commission, which is expected to conduct hearings on the power line project later this years.

The school had been the location of a public informational meeting Tuesday about the project.

ATC is seeking to build a 138 kilovolt electrical transmission line connecting substations in Bristol and Lake Geneva. As part of the project ATC wants to build a 69 kilovolt line from the main line to a substation in Twin Lakes. That 69 kilovolt line is proposed to run along Highway O in front of the school, where an existing eletrical service line now stands.

The board’s resolution reads:

The Wheatland J1 School board strongly opposes the preferred route projected for the Spring Valley-North Lake Geneva Electric Reliability Project by the American Transmission Company. The board also opposes any alternate course that would route a new transmission line south of highway 50, on county road O, in front of Wheatland Center School. Any route variation that would be constructed on Highway 0 in front of Wheatland Center School would require the removal of many mature trees and would dramatically change the aesthetic of the school. The board also has concerns with the negative perception related to transmission lines and the potential adverse impact on enrollment. Providing a safe, secure and attractive school setting is critical to maintaining a sustainable learning environment and is paramount to the future success of the Wheatland J1 School District. The proposed changes would detract from that overall mission and the board believes there are alternatives to the proposed route that would have less impact on the Wheatland J1 School District, and the residents of Wheatland.

Salem School also has opposed the placement of the 138 kilovolt line near  its building.


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