Central HS seeking to support students regarding recent tragic events

With the death of one student and news of another student hospitalized in critical condition in the last 10 days, Central High School officials are working to provide additional support to students.

Principal Lisa Albrecht issued the following statement to school families via automated phone calls and email Wednesday evening:

Good Evening Central Families, In effort to keep open communications between the school and home to best support our students, but also recognizing that privacy of students must be respected, I am reaching out to share what I can, but want acknowledge there more information that must remain private. It is correct that last evening we learned one of our students was air-lifted to a Milwaukee hospital. As of this evening, this student remains in critical condition and what we can do is send positive thoughts to the student and the family as they deal with this. The next question I would like to address and one that I received numerous calls on is “what, as a school, are we doing to support students?”. First, the staff met before school to ensure accurate information was shared with students and dispell rumors. All were attentive to the personal needs of students and took time to speak with them or allow them to go to our counseling center. There, counselors worked with students either one on one or in small groups. Further, I want to assure you that we are putting in place a few more levels of support. Counselors are creating support groups and the school has scheduled an assembly recognizing that a more direct approach must be taken to talk to students about bullying and student to student relationships. Further, counselors are working with professionals from the Kenosha County Suicide Prevention Coalition to determine how else can be address prevention and post-vention. In closing, the events of the last 10 days can take their toll not only on students, but staff members as well. We, as a community need to work together and for some students who have fragile emotions or have experienced trauma in their life, these times can elicit feelings of further despair. Please connect with your student to see how they are coping and if you suspect they need additional support, don’t hesitate to contact the school or your family doctor. Again, please keep communication open between the school and home. It is your eyes and ears that helps us help kids. Thank you.



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