Business park in Salem may get boost from county


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A proposed business park along Highway C in Salem could get a boost from a change in a revolving loan fund that will be pitched to the Kenosha County Board Finance Committee on Thursday.

The park is proposed for land owned by the town of Salem just east of the Trevor Fire Station (Salem No. 1) and Highway Department building.

Salem Chairwoman Diann Tesar said the business park will be a benefit to all of Western Kenosha County.

“This is a positive development plan for all of Kenosha County,” Tesar said in a statement issued by the county executive’s office. “Salem is the perfect location for this new business park.”

Read the entire statement here:

Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser and County Board Chairman Edward Kubicki are enthusiastic about proposed changes to the County Revolving Loan Fund that would lead to the development of a new business park in western Kenosha County. Plans call for development of a new 65-acre business park along County Highway C, just west of State Highway 83, in the Town of Salem. The Town of Salem would be a strong partner in the project in conjunction with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, the county’s economic development partner. “Kenosha County is an economic development hot spot, and, in order to continue to build on our job gains, we need more shovel-ready locations,” Kreuser said Wednesday. “This will allow for development of another business park in Western Kenosha County.” At Thursday’s meeting, the Finance Committee will be given an introduction to the proposed language modifications to a contract with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance. The changes would allow KABA to use part of the County Revolving Loan Fund to develop a business park. A vote from the Finance Committee is not expected Thursday night. A full proposal on the language change will come to the committee and, subsequently, the full County Board, in February. “This is a very forward-thinking proposal that will boost our economic development goals for Kenosha County,” Kubicki said. “We need to plan strategically for our county’s future and his proposal helps us do just that.” KABA administers a revolving loan fund for the county with a total asset base of roughly $3.3 million, with approximately $1.25 million in reserves. If the Finance Committee and, subsequently, the full County Board, approve the contract modifications, KABA would invest $1 million from the CRLF, as well as an additional $2 million from non-county resources, for the business park development. “KABA has sought out additional economic development opportunities that would allow it to better utilize its financial resources while also fulfilling its county-wide economic development mission,” Todd Battle, KABA president said. “This project would fill a current void of shovel-ready projects in Western Kenosha County.” Salem Chairwoman Diann Tesar said the business park will be a benefit to all of Western Kenosha County. “This is a positive development plan for all of Kenosha County,” Tesar said. “Salem is the perfect location for this new business park.”



  1. Fire Buff says:

    Trevor station is station Number 1.

    1. That’s right, sorry about the error.

  2. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    I am so happy to see the forward movement in Salem Township. Their board is very progressive. Silver Lake Village Board should take note and follow the lead of a proven system.

  3. To: Silver Lake Government Gone Wild says:

    New leadership is a great start, if it happens. But all the new directions or ideas will only get you so far without money. And where will that ‘new’ money come from?

    You were so close to getting the dissolve I don’t know the why your not going for it again. Just like a school putting referendum after referendum on the ballot until they get it, so should the dissolve. And then if the rest of the people don’t like it they can always go back and incorporate once more.

    You see, unlike a school referendum where once it passes the money’s gone, you can always re-vote into a village again. You’ll just need more than the 47% that wanted to stay.

  4. Terry Burns says:

    I applaud Chairperson Tesar and the Town of Salem in potentially moving forward with a business park here in Western Kenosha County. The positive residual economic impact from this development will resonate throughout the surrounding communities twofold.

    Terry Burns
    Village president
    Village of Paddock Lake

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