Salem has not decided yet to send $50,000 to Silver Lake for library

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Salem officials confirmed Monday that the Town Board has not decided whether to send $50,000 to Silver Lake to help pay for Silver Lake’s purchase of a building for a library branch there.

The Town Board was authorized by a majority vote of electors in 2013 to send $50,000 to Silver Lake to share in the cost of a new branch. But that authorization still allows the Town Board to decide when, or even if ever, they will send the $50,000 to the village.

Silver Lake had asked the other municipalities involved in the Community Library system to donate $50,000 each toward the purchase and renovation of a building for a library branch in the village.

Recently, Twin Lakes and Paddock Lake have decided not to contribute. The Randall Town Board was set to discuss the matter last week, but it was tabled.

The subject came up at Monday’s Salem Town Board meeting when resident Chris Skrzynecki asked whether the board had sent the $50,000 to Silver Lake yet.

Chairman Diann Tesar answered that the board had not.

“We’re not sure we want to,” Tesar said.

Town attorney Richard Scholze said the electors’ action authorized the Town Board to make the contribution, but did not direct the Town Board to make it. Therefore, whether to make the contribution or when is a decision that lies with the board.

“There are details that have to be worked out yet,” said Supervisor Dennis Faber. “… You’re not just going to write them a check for 50 grand.”

Skrzynecki further suggested that if the board sends Silver Lake money that it does so gradually, perhaps $10,000 a year, and that the money be sent directly to the bank. He also said he was disappointed by the fact that the nature of the elector action meant “”we decided, but you (the Salem Town Board) get to choose.”

Coming back to the library discussion later in the meeting, Faber pointed out that when the main Community Library branch was built in Salem in the mid 1990s, Silver Lake paid about $185,000 toward the total project cost of about $1.3 million.

The library building has been controversial in Silver Lake, where some Village Board members challenged how the purchase was completed and even asked the District Attorney to investigate. The investigation found no criminal wrong doing.

As the conversion of the former day care business into a library has been stalled while the funding issue plays out, Silver Lake is considering leasing the property to Riverview School this summer as office space while extensive renovations take place at the school.



  1. Pay Back says:

    While Mr. Faber’s point should be noted, it should also be put into context.

    $185K of 1.3 Million is about 15%.
    $50K of $250K is 20%.

    Looking at the two buildings I think Salem is being more than fair in their “pay back”.

    Write the check. (To the bank).

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    We ANXIOUSLY await Salem opening up their checkbook and helping us out here in Silver Lake. Just don’t try sending any of your PARAMEDICS into our village…WE DON”T NEED THEM! (well, the “Red Jackets’ don’t think we do!)

  3. "Funding issue" ? says:

    How has the ‘funding issue’ as you put it, stalled the conversion of the building into a library?
    The village has all of the money ($250K) that they said they needed to put this building into service. They cashed that check and bought the building for $200K. They said that the last $50K is for the renovations. They ‘should’ have built this out many months ago. What’s the hold up?

  4. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    The hold up on the library is the Silver Lake Village Board. I would bet they do not have the money to complete the project like they say. Again they put the cart before the horse. They need to dissolve the village. There are people on that board that can not balance their own check book.

  5. Check it in the Mail says:

    Not to worry folks, Ed McMann will be personally delivering the check to Silver Lake today. Honest.

  6. Should of dissolved.. says:

    What a joke…

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