Decker not running for re-election in Silver Lake; most other municipal incumbents have not filed non-candidacy

Silver Lake village Trustee Michael Decker appears to be the only local municipal office incumbent to file non-candidacy for a seat to be decided in the April 2015 election.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, we had heard from the clerks of all but Bristol and Brighton. Filing deadline for non-candidacy papers was Friday.

Decker was the sole incumbent who filed non-candidacy.

Those wishing to run for a municipal office in the April election need to file candidacy papers by Jan. 6.

Here is a rundown of which seats are up for election in April in each municipality and the names of the incumbents:

  • Bristol — President Mike Farrell, Trustees Colleen Fisch and John McCabe and Municipal Judge Fred Ekornaas. (Note: Corrected from earlier version. — DH).
  • Brighton — Chairman David DeVito, Supervisor #1 Charlene Brandes, Supervisor #2 Edward Wagner.
  • Paddock Lake — President Terry Burns and Trustees Dick Fish, Kathy Christenson and Gary Kaddatz.
  • Paris — Chairman Virgil Gentz, Supervisor #1 Ronald Kammerzelt, Supervisor #2 Ron Monson and Clerk-Treasurer Beverly McCumber.
  • Randall — Chairperson Bob Stoll, 1st Supervisor Lauren Fox and 3rd Supervisor Randy Kaskin.
  • Salem — Chairman Diann Tesar,  Supervisors Ted Kmiec and Dan Campion and municipal judge Mike Langel.
  • Silver Lake — President Sue Gerber and Trustees Pat Dunn, Sabrina Moran and Mike Decker (filed non-candidacy).
  • Twin Lakes —  President Howard K. Skinner; Trustees Sharon Bower, Kevin Fitzgerald and Aaron Karow; and Municipal Judge Bruce Goodnough.
  • Wheatland — Chairman William M. Glembocki, Supervisor No. 1 Andrew J. Lois, Supervisor No. 2 Kelly A. Wilson, Clerk Sheila M. Siegler, Treasurer Deborah K. Vos, Municipal Judge Fred C. Hewitt and Constable Robert A. Santelli, Jr.

If an incumbents does not file non-candidacy but fails to file candidacy papers by Jan. 6, the deadline for filing candidacy papers for that position is extended three days.




  1. Silver Lake Solution says:

    I hope Bernard runs!

  2. Silver Lake Solution says:

    I think Mike Faber should throw his hat into the ring as well. We could use some previous experience to help out our town.

  3. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    Decker is one of the reasons that the village is in trouble. Get rid of all the current board members except Dunn. Dunn is the only progressive thinker.

  4. @SL Government Gone Wild says:

    I wasn’t aware our village is in “trouble”!?

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    I’m pretty sure Silver Lake Rescue will have no trouble filling his spot with one of their candidates. They already control the board….might as well add another to the mix.

  6. Can anyone answer these questions? says:

    This is a comment copied and brought forward from a West of the I story on December 16th. about the Twin Lakes deciding not to send money to Silver Lake for the Library.


    December 20, 2014 I went to the building today. There it sits, empty! Why? It’s ‘Purchased’, Correct? Why does it sit? It can’t be for the lack of money, can it?

    The Village Board took out a loan for all the money it needed to get that Library up and running, didn’t they? They spent $200K for the purchase, Correct? Or was it more with all the closing cost and real estate commission? I don’t know.

    But what I do know is that they should have $50K left to do the remodel. Right?

    If so, why does it still sit empty? No permits in the windows, no painter drop cloths on the floors, no dumpster in the parking lot. No, it just sits. Why?

    Is it because the Library board doesn’t want it? It can’t be that. It’s a nice building, just look at it. Is it because it was or could be in litigation? No, they already got the opinion from the county on that. Could it be because they aren’t in any hurry because they have a lease on the other building? No, they have a month to month on that one. And it wouldn’t matter if they had a lease or not, they own this building, are paying on it and will continue paying on the other until they don’t need it anymore. So I ask again, why does that building sit empty??

    Truly, what are the financials on this ‘Deal’? Is there any money for the ‘Remodel’ available? Is it in a bank account somewhere? Is it enough to do the job? Or were they planning to use the first $50K to come in the door for it?
    Is that why you are so concerned that Salem writes that check?

    And speaking of Salem, why haven’t they written that check yet? Will they see the financials on the purchase and remodel cost? Are there even any drawings or bids out for the work? Seems like with the five year note on the loan that Salem only needs to give out $10K each of the next 5 years for their portion of the loan. Because truly that’s where the money will be going, correct? To pay down the loan!

    Salem should, if they want to honor their commitment, (and while I’m for honoring commitments I’m not for sending money for something where there is no accountability), make the check payable to the bank that carries the note.

    After all, the $250K is all that’s needed and Silver Lake already cashed that check!

  7. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Can anyone answer these questions: You bring up some valid concerns. I would encourage you and other concerned villagers to wait and the candidate fliers that Sue and Sabrina will be putting out as they seek re-election. I am confident that anwers to your questions will be correctly addressed by them.
    Or not!

  8. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    Response. There is the problem. You have your head stuck in the sand. Our village is headed for bankruptcy. If you can not see it. You must have a very low intelligent level.

  9. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    Mike Faber has previous experience screwing up the village. Look at the library, group home, no bid contracts and construction of the village hall. Yea we need Mike alright. NOT

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    @SL Government Gone Wild……ummm…..government agencies(eg..village, city, townships) cannot automatically “award” no bid contracts without properly going through a formal “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL”(RFP) process. If a contractor had a “blanket purchase order” contract, they could perform certain duties within a pre-specified(contractually) amount……contractor could come in and repair a garage door for $x amount of dollars, without going through a formal bid process…IF they had the previously approved (by the board) blanket order contract in place. While I do not know the exact specifics, generally “awarding” a “no bid contract” without formal board approval is a big NO- NO. I”m SURE our new village attorney should be able to address this properly.

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    Not to worry folks, the Queen and her SLRS minions will come up with a contingency plan to fill the unexpected vacancy created by Mr. Decker not running. They are downright giddy with glea as they anticipate adding another
    “We Don’t Need Paramedics in Silver Lake” trump card to their SLRS stacked deck of board members! I would suggest that they use the vacant library as their campaign headquarters as they gear up for the elections. Plenty of room in it for their supporters to gather lay out plans to keep the “Good Ol Boys(& Gals)Club” in place. They should make sure to keep their “poker faces” on thought, as I suspect there may be some new card players that want to get in the game and sit at the table. If our last village election is any indicator, the citizens are PLENTY FED UP with the current board and lack of leadership. I’m not going to “gamble” on the future of our village by “playing my hand” with our current board. I’m tossing 4 of my cards in, drawing 4 new ones, and keeping Dunn as my “ace in the hole”. My advice, “never play cards with a man named “Doc”(or Bernard!)

  12. Fold 'Em says:

    Dont’ know why..I keep wanting to hum that old Kenny Rogers tune…”you’ve got to know when to fold, know when to hold ’em”……sing along now folks….

  13. Same old song for Bernard says:

    Seems every election Bernard is crying about something. Never quite seems to go his way. Maybe he should just move? Nah….. residents would miss laughing at him ride his bike around town or having his ultra secret meetings at the local diner.

  14. Bernard Punsley says:

    @”Same old song for Bernard”….what, now I can’t even ride my bike around town? Maybe you should be a little more concerned about those who are not laughing AT me, but WITH me! I don’t think I’ll be “crying” after this election.
    I might just be laughing!

  15. Bernard Punsley says:

    I was not aware that my “ultra secret meetings” at the local diner were such a hot issue. From now on, I will be wearing a paper bag over my head when I go out to dine.

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