Twin Lakes makes it official: Village not going to pay toward Silver Lake library building

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

The Twin Lakes Village Board made it official Monday night — the village is not going to contribute financially to the purchase of a building for a Silver Lake branch of the Community Library.

The board on Monday unanimously approved sending a letter with that sentiment to Silver Lake. Trustee Sharon Bower was absent.

A draft of a letter to Silver Lake was prepared before the meeting by village administrator Jennifer Frederick. The letter says, in part:

“… the Village Board has decided to not contribute any additional funds towards the Silver Lake branch, nor will they attend any meeting to discuss the matter.”

The whole letter is here.

The Twin Lakes Village Board had previously discussed the matter at a committee of the whole meeting.

The Silver Lake Village Board voted in November of 2013 to purchase a vacant former daycare building at 209 N. Second Street in Silver Lake. Library officials representing Silver Lake have said the assumption was the other member communities would help fund the purchase. The Community Library, a joint entity between five municipalities, cannot own real estate. Municipalities were holding off on any further discussion of the matter until a referendum to dissolve the Silver Lake government was held in November. That referendum failed and last month Silver Lake’s village attorney sent out a letter to each community’s attorney asking for new consideration of the funding proposals.

Paddock Lake is expected to also formally reject contributing to the library building at its regular Village Board meeting Wednesday. Salem electors voted to contribute $50,000 toward the library building, but Town Board members have not recently discussed whether to act on that. The Randall Town Board has not made a decision on the latest request for funds.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Anybody remember the old song by the band “QUEEN”….”ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, UGH…ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST”…….Salem….are you singing the blues?

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Another nail in the proverbial coffin.

  3. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    I am willing to bet if the dissolve motion was brought back up it would pass the 2/3 necessary. It did pass an over whelming majority. April will tell a new story.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Silver lake is done. Over half the town voted to dissolve. Nobody is going to help a sinking ship. They should have gone with the will of the people and dissolved. They only bought themselves a short amount of time.

  5. A little help, Please says:

    Can someone tell me if Salem wrote the check yet?

    The following is from the Town of Salem Web site under ‘Minutes Archives’


    ” 3.) The proposed purchase of property for the joint Community Library was presented to the Electors by Chairman Tesar. The Community Library Board is looking at property in Silver Lake. The current building is too small for the library needs. We would enter into a joint agreement with the other participating municipalities. To date the only commitment has been from Silver Lake.

    When questioned by Elector Mike Slover where the money would be coming from, he was told it would come from fund balance.

    MOTION BY Patti Zurla, second by Andrew Heiler to participate in a joint purchase of a library in the Village of Silver Lake in an amount not to exceed $50,000.


    ” We would enter into a joint agreement with the other participating municipalities. To date the only commitment has been from Silver Lake.”

    Those words are from our chairman Diann Tesar.

    This leads me to believe that Salem would only write the check when others are going to too.

    I can understand why this has not been brought up by anyone so far considering that there was a chance that Salem would acquire Silver Lake and that all of Silver Lake issues would be Salem issues. But that now is not the case.

    That said I think Salem needs to rescind the “voted offer” of the $50,000. If the vote needs to be done at an Electors meeting than so be it. But at this point it needs to be re-visited by Salem.

  6. Legal Beaver says:

    Read the motion AGAIN……”to participate in a joint purchase of a library in the village of Silver Lake in an amount not to exceed $50,000″. PERIOD! While the intent of the motion may have been to include “other participating municipalities”…..they are NOT included in the motion! MOTION PASSED. Send the $50K to Silver Lake NOW. Not the time to be playing “SCROOGE” like the other surrounding communities that BAILED on Silver Lake. Bah HUMBUG!

  7. You want to mince words? OK. says:

    “to participate in a joint purchase of a library” not library ‘building’ only.

    Until a ‘complete’ plan is in place to actually have a functioning library, then the money will only be going toward helping Silver Lake pay down on a debt they shouldn’t have gotten themselves into, until they had an actual plan. PERIOD!

  8. Legal Beaver says:

    @You want to mince words? OK. Nice try. Show us anywhere in the motion that your definition of a “functioning library” is listed or defined. While I dont’ disagree that Silver Lake got themselves into some serious debt, WHAT EXACTLY did the voters in Salem THINK that $50,000 was going for? It was to PURCHASE A BUILDING AND REMODEL IT! Try “soft pedalling” that all you want….THAT’s WHAT THE VOTERS APPROVED!

  9. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    They have no plan. That is why they are having so many problems. Be smart hang on to your money and do not get involved in the library.

  10. Library Lover says:

    Well we have a fantastic library here in Salem…why would we give Silver Lake $50,000 to buy a building that needed $50,000 in repairs? They are more than welcome to use our library. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. What do Paddock Lake, Randall, and Twin Lakes voters know that we don’t seem to?


    I went to the building today. There it sits, empty! Why? It’s ‘Purchased’, Correct? Why does it sit? It can’t be for the lack of money, can it? The Village Board took out a loan for all the money it needed to get that Library up and running, didn’t they?

    They spent $200K for the purchase, Correct? Or was it more with all the closing cost and real estate commission? I don’t know. But what I do know is that they should have $50K left to do the remodel. Right?

    If so, why does it still sit empty? No permits in the windows, no painter drop cloths on the floors, no dumpster in the parking lot. No, it just sits. Why?

    Is it because the Library board doesn’t want it? It can’t be that. It’s a nice building, just look at it. Is it because it was or could be in litigation? No, they already got the opinion from the county on that. Could it be because they aren’t in any hurry because they have a lease on the other building? No, they have a month to month on that one. And it wouldn’t matter if they had a lease or not, they own this building, are paying on it and will continue paying on the other until they don’t need it anymore.

    So I ask again, why does that building sit empty?? Truly, what are the financials on this ‘Deal’? Is there any money for the ‘Remodel’ available? Is it in a bank account somewhere? Is it enough to do the job? Or were they planning to use the first $50K to come in the door for it?

    Is that why you are so concerned that Salem writes that check? And speaking of Salem, why haven’t they written that check yet? Will they see the financials on the purchase and remodel cost? Are there even any drawings or bids out for the work? Seems like with the five year note on the loan that Salem only needs to give out $10K each of the next 5 years for their portion of the loan. Because truly that’s where the money will be going, correct? To pay down the loan!

    Salem should, if they want to honor their commitment, (and while I’m for honoring commitments I’m not for sending money for something where there is no accountability), make the check payable to the bank that carries the note.

    After all, the $250K is all that’s needed and Silver Lake already cashed that check!

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