Fatal accident Hwy 50


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About 6 pm Wheatland Fire, Twin Lakes Fire and Rescue, and Silver Lake Rescue responded to a serious accident on Hwy 50, just west of Hwy 83 north. The car was reported to be on fire and the people inside had to be extricated.

Flight For Life was called, but waved off just before landing. Randall Fire responded for the landing zone.

Hwy 50 westbound is closed. The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department is investigating.


Hwy 50 opened up 9:50 pm.

UPDATE 10:34 p.m. — Two people died, one seriously injured in this crash. The Sheriff’s Department press release.

On 12-06-14 at 1800 hours Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded with the Wheatland and Randall Fire Departments, Silver Lake Rescue, and Twin Lakes Rescue to a fatal crash on STH 50 west of STH 83 (North).  The crash occurred in approximately the 34500 block of the westbound lanes of the divided highway.

At the time of the crash, a pick-up truck was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic.  The eastbound pick-up truck struck a westbound car in a head on collision.  Traffic on the westbound lanes of STH 50 was subsequently re-routed while emergency personnel were on scene and during the investigation of the crash. STH 50 westbound, west of STH 83 (North) remains closed at this time.  Wisconsin State Patrol assisted in the crash investigation.

The male driver of the car sustained severe injuries.   The driver was transported by ambulance to Burlington Hospital and later succumbed to his injuries.  The male passenger in the westbound car sustained fatal injuries during the crash.  The male driver of the pick-up sustained severe injuries. He was initially transported by ambulance to Burlington Hospital and later flown by Flight for Life to Froedtert Hospital. His condition remains critical.  Alcohol impairment appears to be a contributing factor.     

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

The names of the involved parties are being withheld at this time pending family notifications.  Names will be released as soon as practical.





  1. Danielle says:

    Just missed us literally by inches by KD. So sorry for the families involved.

  2. Tray says:

    Still blocked at 900pm…the intersection is closed but you can’t really tell with 3 inch tiny cones be careful another accident waiting to happen should be using flares where the road is closed

  3. Erika says:

    Praying hard!

  4. concerned neighbor says:

    This is so tragic, and heartbreaking for the families. Sending prayers of love and comfort during this time of grief.

  5. caitlin says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to their entire family and their entire extended family at whitewater Walmart. You two wonderful men will be missed and were taken away too soon. Such a tragedy to lose two loved ones during the holidays. And to those that drink and drive think before you do. You can cost one family two loved ones. Make that extra call to get yourself home safe and keep others safe of the road as well.

  6. Another Drunk ? says:

    It’s not just I-94 in Milwaukee where this can happen. Divided highways anywhere are prone to this. If it was a drunk driver I hope they publish which bar or bars he came from. While bartenders and bar owner can’t control what people do once they leave the bar they do control how much a person is served. ( one caveat is the proverbial bar ‘hopper’ who is one or two drinks away when they walk in to that next front door)

  7. Christopher J Pearson says:

    Such a tragedy. I grew up with members of the family of those that lost their lives. Senseless, the man that was drunk should spend the rest of his life apologizing to this family!!!!! Even then it still wouldn’t be enough.

  8. caitlin says:

    My condolences go out to the Reese family and the entire extended family at Whitewater Walmart. Paul and mike you will be missed.

    To all of those who drink and drive please think. Call someone so you can save others lives as well as your own. These two men are going to be horribly missed. Its bad enough to lose one family member to a horrific accident but two is even worse.

    The heavens have received two new angels a father and son.

  9. Pam says:

    This was my cousin and his son my prayers go out to his wife,kids and mother who I know re going through a very tough time now love you guys and will keep you in my prayers.

  10. debbie reese says:

    Thank you for the heartfelt prayers….that was my brother and nephew…

  11. Josef Esparza says:

    There’s a gofundme for the funeral expenses of the victims. http://www.gofundme.com/idn9qo

  12. anonymous says:

    Amen to the person talking about the bar. This is horrible…Nd at 6pm. These two men were amazing people.

  13. Tim Glassman says:

    As a former trucker in this area , I watched with amazement when Wisconsin DOT rebuilt Hyw. 41 fromMilwaukee to Green Bay because it had so many highway crossings of a divided highway . UNSAFE , they said !!! Too many accidents they said !!! They spent millions by installing overpasses so people could merge into this main thorough fare ! And later ,, what did DOT do ,??? They built new highway 50 in the same configuration as old 41 So what was accomplished ? It moved the inevitable carnage from North | / South to East / West !!! Way to go DOT .

  14. MARGIE MASON says:

    T W

  15. Catherine Andersson says:

    I came upon the accident immediately after it happened. It happened on a very dark stretch of westbound Hwy 50. I could see smoke ahead of me in the median so slowed down and stopped just beyond the crash. A couple of men were trying to put out the engine fire in the small sedan. Airbags deployed in both vehicles. But the large pickup truck just crushed the whole front end of the smaller sedan. We all felt so helpless. A young woman at the scene said her mother alerted her to the wrong way vehicle and she was able to avoid a collision with it. She also had her three children in the car with her mom. I left when all the emergency vehicles arrived. I knew I could not help. I would like to mention that response time may not have been that slow but it seemed like forever. The men putting out the fire asked everyone for water, flares or a fire extinguisher. I contributed the small amount of water in my water bottle. Finally an extinguisher was located. I wished I had had a flare. Perhaps we should all add a couple of these to our emergency auto kits.
    I am so, so sorry for the family and friends of the deceased. My prayers and sympathy go out to you. If it had not been that car in the collision, it could easily have been me. It was a very somber ride home to Madison for me.

  16. jennifer reese says:

    RIP daddy and Michael I love and miss you heaven just gained 2 angels and thank u for everyone that tried to help I love daddy and brother

  17. Julie Carruthers says:

    Jennifer…my heart is with you.
    Your Grandma loved him so much too.
    Trust in your Grandma for comfort and peace . She has a big heart and it’s filled with love in Christ.
    Your daddy lives but in Heaven.
    You can still talk to him. He is closer than you think and can see what happening around you.
    It’s gonna be ok sweet gal.

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