Accident causes power outage 264th Ave


A single vehicle accident at 264th Avenue and SA, around 3:30 am, broke a power pole and took down a number of wires. WE Engeries is on scene working on the problem. Kenosha Sheriff’s Department is blocking the road.  Driver of the car was away from the crashed car and appeared to be in the presence of Salem Fire and Rescue. (Note: Last sentence changed to clarify some language. — DH)



  1. Chuck Walker says:

    Whoever this was on the Salem team I hope got several tickets. Caused significant problems for me since I work from home and work early morning hours to connect with my office in Australia. Missed several vital conference calls due to this.

    I am sure others had interruptions as well. Good thing it was not 0 outside, otherwise it would have been much colder in the house. Imagine what the energy spike was when power was restored. 1000 customer’s refridgerators, freezers, water pump and furnances all turning on at once.

    1. Let me clarify that the driver of the car had no connection to Town of Salem Fire/Rescue other than as a potential patient.

  2. John says:

    You are really a pathetic human being!! We have no idea what caused this wreck and you simply wine about yourself. How about taking some personal responsibility for yourself and have a generator and heat sources on hand for outages. You live in the county and these things happen grow up!!!! I hope you lost a ton of business this morning and looked like a fool to your coworkers.

    I personally hope nobody was hurt and want to say Thank You to the MEN that were out in the cold this morn. risking their lives to get our service back up.
    Power,Cable and Phone Guys THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. Here Here says:

    So true about personal responsibility. If your needs require constant power, buy a generator. As for cable, work off of your cell phone. Quit your whining. Some day we might just have an ice storm and be without power for a week. Then what? The way you talk, you’ll be broke and on the street in that week.

  4. Valerie says:

    Does anyone know the status of the driver? I hope he is ok! Granted most of our area was without power for 5 hrs that should be the least of our concerns, while we were safe in our homes(most likely snug in our beds still sleeping at the time) this person was in an accident that very well could have ended their life. I have read the above comments and I’m in shock from one by Mr. Walker! You sir are a selfish person with clearly no respect for any other human life. You should take a step back and examine yourself!!!!!

  5. Glenna Creaney says:

    If he was doing the posted speed limit, (45), damage would not of been so bad.
    Power was out until about 10am.
    Sure sucked getting ready for work!
    Hope he is ok and has some good coverage!

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