Twin Lakes Village Board split on allowing 4-h project animals in village

poultry-results-chickenTwin Lakes Village Board members were split Monday on whether to change village ordinances to allow the keeping of some animals that are not typical pets for the purposes of 4-H projects.

The board was approached in October with a request from a resident of Anna Drive asking for the change so a child could raise and show animals for 4-H. That person mentioned wanting to keep perhaps rabbits, chickens and lambs.

Current ordinances allow under specified circumstances  rabbits and pot belly pigs along with common pets, like dogs and cats.

The board didn’t discuss the proposal at that time. On Monday, village administrator Jennifer Frederick was seeking direction before writing an ordinance change.

What she heard was discussion that showed the board to be evenly split on the issue among members who expressed an opinion.

On one side, were those who opposed changing the ordinance on grounds of density, noise, smells and other possible nuisances.

“I’m all for 4-H but I’m not all for noise, feces, disease, smell,” said Trustee Jeremy Knoll. “If we do this, it opens a whole can of worms.”

Said Trustee Barbara Andres: “”It’s too dense to even consider something like goats and lambs.”

On the other side were members that felt that in the right place or under the right circumstances, some project animals might be OK.

“If you have enough space, … it could be OK,” said village President Howard Skinner.

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald said he would like to see an ordinance that required some buy-in from neighbors and set a timeline for how long such animals could be kept.

The matter may come back to the board again after further research by staff.


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