Twin Lakes rejects helping Silver Lake with library building purchase

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Twin Lakes will not be contributing toward the purchase of a building in Silver Lake for a Community Library branch in that village, the Twin Lakes Village Board decided Monday.

In fact, the board will not even be sending a representative to a meeting being requested by Silver Lake to discuss funding options.

The Silver Lake Village Board voted in November of 2013 to purchase a vacant former daycare building at 209 N. Second Street in Silver Lake. Library officials representing Silver Lake have said the assumption was the other member communities would help fund the purchase. The Community Library, a joint entity between five municipalities, cannot own real estate.

Municipalities were holding off on any further discussion of the matter until a referendum to dissolve the Silver Lake government was held in November. That referendum failed and last month Silver Lake’s village attorney sent out a letter to each community’s attorney asking for new consideration of the funding proposals.

A sore point with the Twin Lakes board members on Monday seemed to be that Silver Lake moved to purchase the building before discussing funding with the other member municipalities, which are: Salem. Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, Randall and Silver Lake.

“They (Silver Lake) definitely jumped the gun,” said Twin Lakes Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald, who also is a member of the Community Library Board representing Twin Lakes.

Twin Lakes President Howard Skinner offered the suggestion that Silver Lake attempt to lease the building to the Community Library and make the mortgage payment with the proceeds. But he like the others seemed unwilling to send Silver Lake money to go toward the building’s cost.

Village administrator Jennifer Frederick was instructed to send a reply to the Silver Lake attorney outlining the board’s position.




  1. Library Lessions says:

    Let me get this straight….Silver Lake just ran a referendum (supported by most of the board members!)to DENY the village board the opportunity to pursue any fire or rescue upgrades with the Town of Salem, yet turns around and wants them(along with Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, and Randall)to help pay for their library??? I suspect the Silver Lake village board president will NOT be listing this library fiasco as one of her accomplishments in her candidate pamphlets this spring!

  2. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    If you think the library is bad. Wait until it comes out about the sewer plant issues. It has been said it could cost tax payers up to 1.5 million each of the next 5 years. Total of 7 million or more.

  3. K Woods says:

    The Silver Lake Village Board voted to proceed with researching the new building, not to purchase one. There was never a resolution passed by the Board.

  4. Two Lakes says:

    Twin Lakes is so smart with their money they can have two lakes in their town at the same time. Good decision !

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