Central Falcons Youth Football to hold informational meeting Dec. 10

Photo by Jason Antony via stock.xchng

Photo by Jason Antony via stock.xchng

Westosha Central Falcons Youth Football will be a youth football team for future Westosha Central football players. The new program will be affiliated with SEYFA and will be playing against other area schools including Waterford, Burlington, and Union Grove. SEYFA is organized by grade level and games are played on Saturday mornings and afternoons. It is an all play league where each player gets the opportunity to play in every game. The season starts after Labor Day and runs until Halloween.

An informational meeting will be held Wednesday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. at the school’s All Purpose Room.

If you are unable to attend please contact Coach Tyson Mengel at: mengelt@westosha.k12.wi.us



  1. Horse before the cart? says:

    Shouldn’t the coaches at Central worry about trying to create a program for their high school kids before trying to start a youth program? If anyone has watched Central play the past couple years it’s embarassing to say the least. Unorganized, un-disciplined, poorly coached, and parents should pay money to have their kids be part of this circus?

  2. Former falcon says:

    They want to develop a program that can transform young players so that they are ready to perform at the high school level when they enter high school. Records from the past don’t matter it’s what’s in the future. This is coming from a former falcon football player so I say lets get a program going to get the Falcons back to where they use to be

  3. Bulldog fan says:

    Then why not choose to work with the youth program that has been established for 15 years. The Western Kenosha County Youth Football Bulldogs have been providing kids in both the Central and Wilmot district an opportunity to play and learn the game. No need to reinvent the wheel with this. Not sure why this is a better option?

  4. To Former Falcon says:

    If they really wanted to develop a “program” they might first make sure they are running the same offense or defense at all levels. ( freshman, JV, ad Varsity). It easier to say we are losing because we don’t have a youth program. Much harder to look in the mirror and admit we are losing because we hired a head coach and Athletic Director with ZERO experience.

  5. Football Mom says:

    As a mom who watched my sons go thru the Bulldogs and Central’s football years, I can honestly say that they learned more about football and especially teamwork from the Bulldogs. And they want to teach the youth program? How about getting a coach with some football experience and start making Central successful. Might want to start with running more than the same 5 plays. There are Central parents who have said that their sons want to transfer to Wilmot strictly to play football. Forming your own youth program will not make Central better.

  6. Jay Nutting says:

    I commend Central for the implementation of a youth program, as I have been an advocate for this since my tenure at Central. I also was part of a struggling program at Central 20 years ago and it hurts moral, community, and respect. In this situation it is very easy to point fingers at what the ‘true’ problem is. In reality most struggling programs have holes all over them. What I can say is that I played youth football for six years prior to entering high school ball and it made a significant difference. The time required to train an inexperienced group of kids at the freshman level versus mastering a playbook can play a major role in winning a football game. In other words, we may have the possibility to master more than 5 plays! It may also provide a means for the coaching staff to gain some experience with the kids, the playbook, the community, and THEMSELVES. Seeing and reading the negativity sickens me and is a sign of why we continue to have a poor turnout. Let’s benchmark off of successful programs and stop belittling the ones trying to impove.

  7. To no show Jay says:

    Western Kenosha County Bulldogs have been working with kids from Central, Wilmot, Burlington Catholic Central, etc. for 14 years now,,,, where have you been? The funny part is the same people who want to start a youth program, have not idea of what kind of time and dedication it takes. I guess it’s just easier to blame everything on the existing youth program versus look in the mirror. Why would kids put in the time and effort to make Central’s program better when their coaches have proven they won’t?

  8. Another Football Mom says:

    My son played for Kenosha Boys and Girls Club last year, and will never play there again. Coaches played their own kids and kids friends while my son and his two buddies stood there. They would get in the last minutes of the game. My son is tall and lanky, yet he was made to play on the line. Coaches would never give him an opportunity to play or even learn any other position.
    We want to do Bulldogs, but it is really expensive. He will be going to Central in a year, so he is excited to hear about this league.

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