Randall School facilitate groups at Middle School Leadership

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

Middle School Leadership was held on Friday, Oct. 17 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. This conference is open to schools in Southeastern Wisconsin who are members of the Whitewater TAG Network.

This year, 30 schools, over 130 students, participated in the day-long event. This year’s them was: “Don’t just hear the voice, Be the voice!”

Students attending began their day with a presentation by Ardan James, a nationally known illusionist and mime, whose stage performance stressed the important qualities of being a good leader. He then led an hour-long, hands-on workshop for all the students.

In the afternoon, student from all the schools were divided into small groups to apply these skills. While four Randall students participated in this event, the groups were facilitated by 14 Randall students who trained prior to the conference to run these small group activities.


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