A word from our sponsors: Home Again restaurant has new home

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Home Again restaurant has moved to a new location at 9524 Camp Lake Road in Salem.

When the owners of the restaurant found themselves in need of finding new quarters on short notice, they found out just how many friends they had made over the last two-plus years.

“The amount of people who helped us out …,” said Teri Schubkegel, who runs the front of house, while her daughter Emily Schubkegel is the chef. “It was really neighbor helping neighbor.”

But after a few days of intense moving and set-up, the restaurant was up and running again this week.

“It was like Restaurant Impossible, on steroids,” Terri Schubkegel said.

The new quarters, which has been a number of restaurants through the years, offers several advantages over Home Again’s former location. There are two dining areas, one with a more casual feel and the other a little nicer. The bar is also larger and there is a separate area that can host karaoke. When the weather is a little nicer, there is a sizable outside dining area. Better storage downstairs may mean the ability to bring some new items to the menu in the future, Terri Schubkegel said.

Terri Schubkegel said she also likes that the new restaurant is adjacent to a residential neighborhood. While they were still moving in, people were already coming over from the neighborhood thinking they were open for business.

Emily Schubkegel’s domain — the kitchen — is also an improvement.

“We’re super excited about the kitchen,” Emily Schubkegel said.

For now there are no menu changes planned. But the pizza oven that came with the new kitchen may mean pizzas with Emily’s special touch, Terri Schubkegel said.

All in all, everyone involved with Home Again is excited about the move.

“Everyone just sees more potential here,” Emily Schubkegel said.

Home Again is open every day but Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Phone is 262-857-8200 and you can visit them on the web at: www.homeagainrestaurant.com





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