Twin Lakes Village Board splits clerk and treasurer position

tl-logoThe Twin Lakes Village Board has split the village clerk/treasurer job into two positions: Village clerk and village accountant/treasurer.

The action was accomplished by a revision of the village’s charter ordinance that passed by a 6-0 vote at Monday’s Village Board meeting. Because it involved the charter ordinance, the change required a 2/3 vote of the board (5 votes) for approval. Trustee Jeremy Knoll was absent from Monday’s meeting.

The change was suggested by village administrator Jennifer Frederick, who said clerk and treasurer take different skills that could be better addressed with specialists.

“I think they are completely different skill sets,” Frederick said at the Committee of the Whole meeting Oct. 6. Clerks deal with permits, records and related matters. Treasurers deal with finance, no small issue even in Twin Lakes with a $4 million budget.

The ordinance does not take effect for 60 days because it is a charter ordinance. Frederick said she hopes to recruit for the position during the upcoming two months and have someone come on board in early 2015.


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