Wheatland Center School referendum passes

wheatland-school-busThe Wheatland Jt. 1 School District referendum to exceed the revenue limit appears to be on its way to approval.

At about 8:26 p.m., with just a few absentee ballots yet to be counted, the tally was: Yes 357, No 186, said Wheatland town Clerk Sheila Siegler. Though the district includes portions of Salem, Brighton and Randall along with Wheatland, all voting for this referendum took place at Wheatland Town Hall in New Munster.

The successful referendum means the district will be authorized to exceed the state revenue limit by $625,000 for four years, starting in 2014-15.

District officials had said the additional levy authority was necessary to continue current programs at the school. Due to an increase in state aid due the district, the additional revenue will not require raising the property tax levy from the current level.

A non-recurring referendum for four years seeking authority to exceed the revenue limit by $750,000 failed in April by a vote of No 286, Yes 233.



  1. Lessons Learned says:

    Interesting how they had a vote just three weeks before a regular general election. Why? Was it because they only wanted the people who are interested with the school to vote? What about the people who don’t have any kids in school.

    Sure it’s shame on them to not ‘pay’ attention but why have a vote three weeks before when people are going to vote anyways? To keep the no voters away?

    BTW. Who paid for this ‘Special’ referendum? Was it the school? Would they even have to pay anything if they would have waited three weeks? How much was it?

    For the winners though, good job! You got one past us. Not really hard knowing that you can keep trying over and over and over again. But for those that vote no, we also have to keep trying. Just don’t wait for the first Tuesday in November to do it.

    Lesson Learned!

  2. BTW says:

    Sure the levy didn’t go up, but it should have gone down!

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