Detainee from Liberia transfered from Kenosha County Jail

A detainee from Liberia that was housed at the Kenosha County Jail Wednesday has been turned back over to Immigration Customs Enforcement as of this morning.

From a statement from Sgt. Bill Beth, Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department spokesman:

At about 1AM on 10-08-14 the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Jail received an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) US Customs and Border Protection (Note: See correction below. — DH) detainee that is from the Country of Liberia.  The detainee was taken into custody by CBP at O’Hare International Airport. CBP has assured the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department that the detainee was screened according to the Center for Disease Control guidelines.  US Health officials meet arriving passengers at the plane and screen and clear them daily for admittance to the US. The detainee was healthy and showed no signs or symptoms of the Ebola virus.  However, as a precaution, Sheriff (David) Beth had ordered the detainee to be isolated within the medical unit in the jail and monitored by nurses regularly for any signs or symptoms that present themselves. We want to remind everyone that all medical information says that if there are no symptoms of Ebola then the virus is not contagious.  This detainee has shown no signs or symptoms of Ebola. The detainee left the Kenosha County Jail this morning (10-09-14) at 5AM.  The detainee was transported to O’Hare international Airport and was turned back over to the custody of CBP.  The detainee remained in good health and still showed no signs or symptoms of the Ebola virus when the detainee left the custody of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. For about 10 years the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has housed federal inmates at the Kenosha County Jail.  Over this period of time we have received detainees from CBP from all over the world.  This is the first time we have received a detainee from a country involved in the Ebola virus situation.  Sheriff David Beth is reviewing the procedures of our jail with staff and evaluating our relationship with the federal government due to this situation.

CORRECTION: The federal agency involved was originally incorrectly identified by the Sheriff’s Department as Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)


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