Five horses found wandering in Antioch

Not one of the found horses. Photo by Jason M via stock.xchng

Not one of the found horses. Photo by Jason M via stock.xchng

Have you been looking for a group of five horses today? The Antioch Police Department had its own round-up of five horses this morning just over the state line and they are looking for the owner:

From Sgt. Geoff Guttschow, Antioch PD:

On 10/06/14, at approximately 6:15 a.m. Antioch Police were called to the area of North Avenue and Main Street for a report of five horses running loose in the area. On arrival Officers located 5 quarter horses roaming free, grazing in a nearby vacant lot. Officers were able to coral the horses until the arrival of a truck and horse trailer and the horses were turned over to the care of Lake County Animal Control. All of the animals were in good condition and appeared well cared for. One of the horses had a bridle on when located, and there were no means to identify the owner of the animals.  Our Officers checked with several local horse farms but no information on the potential owner of the horses was obtained. Anyone having information on the horses can call the Antioch Police at 847-395-8585 or Lake County Animal Control at 847-377-4700.


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  1. Lori says:

    A Trevor man claimed the horses this AM and they will be making their way back home now.

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