Results of 2014 girls tennis conference at Central HS

Photo by Ruth Livingstone via stock.xchng

Photo by Ruth Livingstone via stock.xchng

The 2014 Southern Lakes Conference varsity girls tennis conference tournament was held at Central High School late last week.

Players from Wilmot Union High School and host Central competed in singles and doubles.

The tournament wrapped up the conference season and set conference team finishes for the season.

Burlington and Badger tied at the conference tournament, with each school earning 27.5 points.

In dual competition during the season, Burlington was undefeated and thus is the 2014 Southern Lakes Conference Champion. The order of finish in conference (combined dual and tournament points) are listed below.

1. Burlington (27)
2. Badger (25)
3. Union Grove (18)
4. Waterford (16)
4. Westosha (16)
6. Wilmot (8)
7. Elkhorn (4)
8. Delavan-Darien

Top finishers from Central in the conference tournament were: Brieanna Bostanche, second, singles #1; Katrina Bostanche, second, #2 singles; Anna Finnemore, sixth, singles #3; Maria Salerno and Stephanie Dopuch, second, doubles #2; Kate Neave and Jessica Vela, third, doubles #3.

Top finishers from Wilmot in the conference tournament were: Bella Anderson, sixth, singles #1; Kristen Jaeger, sixth, singles #2; Lauren Brandel, fifth, singles #3; Becca Boyle, fifth, singles #4; Kalley McCormick and Savannah Niewerth, sixth, doubles #1.


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