Sheriff’s Dept to handle election related complaints in Silver Lake

In the wake of vandalism to some campaign signs this week, the Silver Lake Police Department has announced that complaints related to the upcoming Nov. 4 election will be investigated by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

Silver Lake Police Chief Andrew Trudeau issued the following statement today:

I would like to inform the citizens of Silver Lake that I have personally spoken with Sheriff David Beth about our upcoming election on November 4th, 2014. Given recent complaints and citizen’s concerns over campaign related issues, we have agreed that the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will handle political campaign sign or related issues as needed. Our goal is to reassure the citizens of Silver Lake that our department will be impartial, not allowing either side to use law enforcement as a platform to further a political cause. Our department strives to be responsive and professional, not succumbing to politically motivated issues surrounding us at this time.”

On Thursday, the SLPD received complaints of three pro-dissolve yard signs being vandalized with spray paint, Trudeau said. Further investigation of the area found spray paints marks on streets and two traffic signs as well.

Village residents will be voting in a referendum Nov. 4 on whether to dissolve the village government.



  1. Ughh says:

    Apparently, Silver Lake is one big kindergarten class. Grow up people! Dissolve or no dissolve, the ones putting signs up should be ADULTS and act as such. Spray painting signs makes you no better than a 4 year old with a tantrum.

  2. Just a taste of things to come says:

    Get used to seeing the sheriff cars around. It won’t be long now.

  3. It is about time says:

    I know the dissolve group has been asking the sheriff for help. It looks like he is engaging. Thank you Dave Beth. Now watch how a professional department works. You will see the difference between a well train officer and one that is just there.

  4. Trevor resident says:

    When is this nonsense going to end?

  5. True Colors says:

    The nonsense will end on November 4th. But ‘True Colors’ will replace it on November 5th.

  6. November 4th says:

    It will all end with a YES to DISSOLVE vote on November 4th..

  7. and Then? says:

    What happens after residents wake up November 5th and realize they were lied to? They will pay more, not less, in taxes and get far less for their dollar.

  8. Pete says:

    And Then?–you will not have the special treatment in this town you enjoy now!
    Vote Disolve

  9. Signage Song says:

    Remember the old song by the 5 Man Electrical Band …”sign, sign, every where a sign………can’t you read the sign”? A classic!@

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