Silver Lake to enforce temporary campaign sign regulations

Silver Lake will be enforcing a set of temporary campaign sign standards leading up to the Nov. 4 election, Silver Lake Police Chief Andrew Trudeau announced in a media release today.

Trudeau said uncertainty about how to enforce the village’s sign ordinance prompted a meeting between village President Sue Gerber, building inspector Royce Kennedy and Trudeau. The trio settled on a set of standards for signs and their placement and a list of places where such signs are prohibited.

In recent days, tension between both sides in the Nov. 4 dissolve the village government referendum have risen over signs, their placement and allegations of vandalism and obscuring of messages.

In the new regulations, signs are prohibited on village government buildings, including Village Hall, the police department, the fire department, the rescue building (which is on village property), the post office and boat launches.

A full list of the regulations is here:

A more permanent revision of the ordinance will be undertaken in the future, Trudeau’s statement said.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well now…..seems Sheriff Andy has gotten his first “directive” from the Queen….
    the “3 Musketeers” settled on a set of standards for sign placement in the village. AFTER they tried to “railroad” the DISSOLVE NOW” folks from taking theirs down. How’d that work out for yah, Andy. Better send Barney out on “placard patrol”…….make sure he keeps his bullet buttoned in his shirt pocket.
    “Shazamm………here comes Goober”!!!! Mayberrry Revisited!

  2. Save Silver Lake Rescue Squad signs says:

    Well the Save Silver Lake Rescue Squad signs have been out for almost two years and the village does not say anything. Double Stardards. Dissolve.

  3. You tell 'em Ottis says:

    If only you the Dissolvers spent the same amount of time and energy volunteering to make Silver Lake a better place as they have pushing their nonsense….. the village would be a better place.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    I was not aware that the village could dictate signage regulations for the post office. I thought the United States Postal Service would have authority over that. Ditto for our school. I also believe that our village board should have had a say in this matter, along with public input. But alas, that is not how the Queen works. I do hope that she can spot the “DISSOLVE NOW” banner across the street from the post office daily.

  5. Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    Retired Chief Kingsley has gotta be thinking: “man, I got out just in time”.
    Our roads are buckling, our sewers are crumbling, we cannot afford tires for the fire trucks,nor appoint a Fire Chief, “our” library sits vacant, generating interest payments off of the questionable loan, our sewers need an immediate half million dollars to repair, with more repairs/loans coming in the future, our downtown main street is virtually vacant, our budget is in dire straits, and our new police chief’s TOP PRIORITY is to have his troops drive their fancy new squad cars around our village and “police’ our political signs. Whew.

  6. More Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    An elected village board member CANNOT put an issue on the village board meeting agenda, to be discussed and possible voted on, UNLESS he/she is a committee chairperson. If they try, “The Queen” will order her minions to refuse to discuss the matter. But the police chief, village inspector, and The Queen, by themselves, with no input/discussion from the REST OF THE BOARD, much less any citizen input, can issue a mandate regarding the proper placement of political signs in the village. Kind of funny, when the red & white “Save Our Rescue Squad” signs went up, didn’t seem to be much of an issue. There’s is one of those signs probably less than 50′ from the post office. Overnight, DISSOLVE SIGNS are an issue? What am I missing here? Perhaps Ms. Erb could shed some light on the subject.

  7. Salem Sitizen says:

    One of the biggest “perks” that we Salem residents will enjoy once the village of Silver Lake DISSOLVES it that we will not have to spend a million dollars to build a fire station at highway 50 & B, as our MASTER PLAN calls for. We can easily move into the current village fire station to provide shorter Fire/Rescue/EMS response to that area of our town. Which will include PARAMEDIC level service to our newest “residents”……..a “win-win” for everyone. I look forward to it and I’m sure our board does as well, at least the members that I have spoken with about the issue. Are there some issues? You bet. But I have complete confidence that our town board and department heads can address any concerns appropriately, to the benefit of the residents of BOTH Silver Lake and Salem. Stay tuned.

  8. Daryl Eckert says:

    In the press release it was stated that there is some confusion about the ordinance regarding posting of signs. After reading them, it didn’t look that confusing to me.

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    Breaking News!!!!!!!! Silver Lake Police Chief Andy Taylor has announced that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY…..all police officers in the village will be required to wear a tape measure on their gun belts.

  10. this town needs an enema says:

    the double standard continues. even though state statutes say the village can not implement their own rules, they do anyway. their rules state that the signs can not be on village property. yet, the rescuse squad had 3?

    keep up the good work Sue, you are leading the dissolve movement better than anyone else!! I guarantee my vote is to get you fools out. I welcome Salem. I welcome anything other than what we currently have.

    Im sick of living in the “joke” of the county. I will be voting to bring an end to the joke once and for all.

  11. Ralph Jankovic says:

    I am surprised at Mr. Kennedy he was in the military and served our country so we could have freedom of speech.
    Shame on SLPD for getting involved with this you should have turned this over to the sheriff dept. you are losing what little respect of those 400 + people who signed the Dissolve petition.

  12. Way to go Andy (Trudeau) Taylor says:

    Make fun of him all you want, but I can’t remember once Sheriff Andy Taylor not coming out on top and shining like a star by the end of the day!

  13. The real Sheriff is coming to Silver Lake says:

    Kenosha County Sherrif will stepping up patrols in Silver Lake. They have no hidden agenda and will take care of the people.

  14. Why no report of the vandalism? says:

    Why no report of the vandalism of Moving Silver Lake Forward signs?

  15. More reasons to Vote NO says:

    Just another reason to vote NO on November 4th. Crime and vandalism will go up and the amount of officers patrolling our streets will be dramatically cut. I sure don’t want to wait 30 minutes for a police officer to come to my house ,, do you?

  16. Bernard Punsley says:

    @More reasons to Vote NO: Umm…..we have a half million dollar PLUS police department “protecting” our village right now. According to you…”crime and vandalism will be dramatically cut”…..your words, not mine. Let’s see…our SLPD
    “investigated” the vandalism to fire department equipment and protective gear in the fire station, what 50 feet from the PD office?”. They “investigated” the ficticious fliers that were illegally placed at the post office, they are “investigating” the damage to political signs in our village, and you are concerned about waiting 30 minutes to have a police officer come to your house?
    It just might take them that long if they are “busy” tailgaiting” “suspicious” citizens going about their business in Silver Lake!

  17. Bernard Punsley says:

    An observation: It would appear that the mysterious “vandalism” to the Dissolve banners/signs, took place during the 4 hours that our village is NOT COVERED by our police department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do I have to wait “30 minutes or more for a police office to respond to my house” during the 4 hours daily that our police department does nove provide coverage? Maybe Sheriff Andy or one of his “Barneys” could address this concern!

  18. @readons says:

    Well if you need an officer at 3am. You will be waiting 4 hours for one according to your logic. Remember silver lake pd is not on duty during that time. So your point is invalid. Nice try

  19. Pete says:

    I would wait for an officer to help me instead of one doing only going to do what the village president tod him to do.

  20. Countdown for a fresh start says:

    Nov. 4th will give every person the power to end the madness and corruption this village is known for. It has come to a sad day when not one village employee can be trusted. The last few days seeing Kenosha County Sheriff patrolling our streets is refreshing, knowing that they are qualified and professional. * Remember vote YES Nov 4th to Dissolve for a fresh start*

  21. Karen Erb says:

    The outrage at Bernard Punsley and his comparisons of the Silver Lake Police to Sheriff Andy in Mayberry is growing. Every time a police officer puts on his uniform, badge, and gun he is taking an extreme risk. Every time he or she makes a traffic stop or answers a call for domestic disturbance or a bank robbery, he or she is taking an extreme risk. For any of our citizens to minimize that risk just, for their own political gain, is outrageous.

    Those comments from Bernard need to be printed out and shown to all of the people who display Dissolve the Village signs. All those comments should be shown to anyone who voices support for the Rebel/Dissolvers. Is this any different from calling our soldiers out for defending our nation? I don’t like war, but I surely would not castigate the soldiers who fight for us!

    Bernard, and all you Rebels, our police officers are fine, brave, young men who are generous with their time and talents, and are greatly appreciated by the people of this village!!! STOP USING THEM FOR YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA!

  22. Fairness For ALL says:

    Re: Karen Erb
    While I applaud your understanding of the danger involved in law enforcement, I cannot help but question your lack of support and failure to understand/mention the danger of firefighting. After all, the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty each year and the number of firefighters killed Iin the line of duty each year is is virtually equal as each profession looses an average of 100 personnel each year. That being said, let’s examine how the village has supported those two organizations. The Police Department gets a new contract with a 2% raise each year for the next three years and each officer receives $3,500.00 per year for training while the Fire Department’s pay is cut to zero. The maintenance of police vehicles is never questioned or put on hold indeffinately unlike the tires for the Fire Department. Police safety equipment has never been questioned or denied unlike turnout gear for the Fire Department. If you would like to continue this comparison, we can also talk about the differences in filling the Chief positions, the differences in health and life insurances, etc…

    Both professions risk their life each time they respond to a call and both departments deserve the same support from the village and the village board that they protect.

  23. volunteer vs full time says:

    You do know the difference between a flu time police officer and a VOLUNTEER fire fighter,, don’t you? One puts out a couple fires a year, the other works every single day. To compare the two is ludicrous.

  24. FRANCES says:

    I do not even live even close to Silver Lake , but I fear you people who
    wish to dissolve your Village do not even fathom what you are about to do!!
    Have any of you even considered that police now in Wisconsin are in such
    demand and such SHORT supply??? A woman died in Milwaukee waiting nearly
    90 minutes after she was shot and lay bleeding to death while her friend
    held her and called and called … you not know what you are doing?
    How many of you would put on a gun and approach an unknown car in the
    dead of night ,not knowing if you will be shot , or run over??? I have lived in
    a rural county where the local “THIN SPREAD SHERIFF” could not even get
    to a call for help after a heart attack was suffered, a woman battered, a child
    burned…DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS??? I think NOT!!!
    My only comment is for Mr Punsley, you sir have NO RESPECT for law enforcement of any kind and you do not value that which makes our life a
    better one, these men and women in fire fighting , and rescue and law enforcement do a job the most of us will NEVER have to do and it is absolutely
    disgraceful of you to demean the police ,the way you have. One can only
    hope that most of the citizens in Silver Lake appreciate and will understand
    what it is that they have.

  25. Fairness For ALL says:

    Re: volunteer vs full time
    Yes, I do know the difference, one is a 40 hour paid position the other is a 24/7/365 unpaid position. The point being that both positions are inherently dangerous and deserve the same respect of the municipality for which they work.

    Firefighters are lost in the line of duty due to many causes. I will give you a short list that is by no means all encompassing: falls (ie from roofs and ladders), oxygen deficient environments, electrocution, struck by vehicles at traffic accident scene, heart attack, cancer…

    None of these hazards differentiate between career and volunteer personnel. The job is just as dangerous for the volunteer as it is for the career firefighter. The key to minimizing the risk is quality training, utilizing the proper safety gear, and not taking undue risk.

    The direct actions that the Village Board has taken against the fire department are solely politically driven and have placed the volunteers in a more dangerous position.

  26. To Fairness For All says:

    That my friend is hitting the nail on the head. We have been plagued with this type of activity for to many years. It is time to Dissolve. This will pave the way for a new p prosperous future.

  27. @to fairness for all says:

    We have also been plagued with individuals who don’t care about anyone or anything, unless they benefit. I’ve asked this to a dozen people and nobody has been able to answer, so here goes again: Where can I find the data Salem has put together showing me how much I will pay in taxes if we dissolve? I won’t hold my breath.

  28. Rat-Tail Stopper says:

    Hi All: I would like to show my support for the Dissolve Yes. Where could I get

    two yard signs? Any help would be appreciated

  29. Silver Lake the Joke of the State says:

    32 square foot signs? How convenient, that the new regulations are set to that. More cheating by the anti- dissolvers…

  30. Don't look now........ says:

    The residents of Silver Lake are finally realizing the only people who will benefit from dissolving are the top 10% in Silver Lake. To the volunteer fire fighters who still believe Salem is going to give you benefits or higher pay,,,, time to wake up.

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