Silver Lake Village Board appoints police chief and assistant chief

silver-lake-police-doorThe Silver Lake Village Board has replaced its former full-time police chief with two individuals who will split that role on a part-time basis.

The board unanimously approved (with Trustees Mike Decker and Chris Willkomm absent) appointing current Silver Lake PD officers Duane Kreier as chief and Andrew Trudeau as assistant chief at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting.

Both leadership positions are to be part-time. The arrangement was proposed by the officers at a meeting between village President Sue Gerber and Trustee Roger Johnson and members of the police department on Tuesday, Johnson said.

If the arrangement was to continue, it could save the village about $50,000 a year, said Trudeau, who will be moving from full-time status to part-time status.

“We will be able to have the same level of coverage,” Trudeau said. “You have to have someone there to oversee … Our goal with this … is to just move forward with a positive direction with our department …”

Former Police Chief Dan Kingsley resigned from his position earlier this month. He had been an officer on the SLPD since 1992 and chief since 2002.

The appointments are only effective through November, which is when a referendum on whether to dissolve the village government will be held.

The board also voted unanimously to promote one of the department’s part-time officers to full-time.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    A good move to fill in the position, much needed. Congrats to both of the officers for “stepping up” to help out the department. Now, how about the fire department? Chief Draeger, hang in there! You have the support of your troops and MANY people in the community. Now that there is an “extra” $50 grand in the kitty, how ’bout spending some of that money to support the fire department….you know, things like tires, turnout gear, etc.

  2. Barnum & Bailey says:

    Wow…….what a CIRCUS! The QUEEN threatened to CLEAR THE TENT!!! What a truly sad state of affairs that we now have to have a police officer in attendance at our village meetings to try an keep the peace! Keep pounding that gavel, Sue….ain’t nobody listening!@

  3. Step backward! says:

    The Silver Lake PD is taking a step backward with this move. I hope this is just temporary until November. You don’t have full time officers being supervised by part time bosses. This is what happens when you have elected officials getting involved in matters they have no experience in. Sorry to see Dan go, the citizens of Silver Lake will soon see how much he did for that Police Department.

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