Twin Lakes to leave Schoors Lane-Matthew Avenue connection chained — most of the time

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The Twin Lakes Village Board considered opening Schoors Lane at Matthew to traffic but decided to continue to abide by a 2007 resolution that closed Schoors to traffic from that end.

The resolution says Schoors is substandard for traffic, with a average width of just 18 feet, and thus it should remain closed where it meets Matthew Avenue unless that changes. The road is now blocked by a locked chain across the connection between the two streets (see above Google Streetview image from 2012).

This winter, the chain was opened so that village public works crews could plow snow from Schoors across Matthew and into the ditch on the east side of the road, said village President Howard Skinner.

Kathy Ticha, a village resident, recently wrote a letter to Village Board members asking why the road was closed to traffic at Matthew. Ticha lives in a neighborhood north of the intersection.

“If the village is comfortable having the road open during the snow season so the plows can get through then I suggest that they leave it open 12 months out of the year,” Ticha’s letter read in part.

Six residents who live along Schoors Lane spoke in support of keeping the chain up as much as possible, citing concerns about safety with the narrow street. If opened, they fear the road could become a regular short cut between Matthew and East Lakeshore Drive, but not be safe for a larger volume of traffic.

Two residents of the Whispering Oaks subdivision, development of which prompted the closure of the road in the first place, spoke in favor of opening the street. Ticha also spoke, reiterating her position at first, but then later saying she was sorry she brought up the issue.

Trustee Thomas Connolly suggested continuing to follow the provisions of the 2007 resolution and  leave the connection between the two roads chained, except for snow removal, since the road is still substandard.

“They haven’t been resolved or addressed,” Connolly said of the issues presented in the 2007 resolution.

The consensus of the other present board members (Trustee Aaron Karow was absent) was to take no action.



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  1. Resident of Schoors Lane says:

    its amazing how one lazy person can force this issue at a village board meeting. someone who doesn’t even live on the street who wants their way at the expense of others. what a selfish world we live in.

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