Work underway this month on Paris-Somers electrical transmission lines

American Transmission Co. recently made the following announcement regarding the rebuilding of lines between sustations in Paris and Somers:

American Transmission Co. this month will begin the reconstruction of approximately 12.5 miles of 138,000-volt transmission lines in Kenosha County. The Paris-Albers Rebuild Project runs from the Paris Substation, located in the towns of Paris and Somers, Wisconsin, to the Albers substation in the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The existing transmission line was originally built in 1947, and this rebuild will allow the system to meet current and future electricity loads. The Paris-Albers Rebuild Project received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in spring 2014. ATC will begin clearing vegetation in the right-of-way so crews can safely work on rebuilding the line. The aging H-frame wooden poles will be replaced with new H-frame wooden poles and steel poles. No new right-of-way is needed, and the new poles will be placed within a few feet of the existing poles. The existing wires strung between the poles also will be replaced with larger wires to increase the line capacity. The construction is expected to be complete in early 2015, with an estimated cost of $11.5 million. Landowners along the right-of-way have been informed of the project, and ATC is working with them to access the right-of-way through their property if necessary. Additional details are available on the PSC’s website under Docket No. 137-CE-174. A map of the proposed project and additional information can be found at


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