UPDATE: Package outside doors of Twin Lakes Post office prompted bomb squad response

tl-pd-patchI package left outside the doors fo the Twin Lakes Post Office on Lance Drive this morning prompted a response from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad.

Ultimately, the package — a box containing empty boxes — was determined to be harmless.

From a media release from Twin Lakes Police Chief Dale Racer regarding the situation:

On Friday, September 12, 2014 at 6:36AM a citizen reported to the Twin Lakes Dispatch Center that there was a suspicious package sitting in from the main doors at the Twin Lakes Post Office, 170 Lance Drive. Officers responded and observed that the large sealed box sitting in front of the main doors of the post office, located on the south side of the building, had no identifying markings. Police were able to contact the Post Master at Genoa City Post Office and he indicated that this was highly unusual for someone to leave a sealed box outside of any post office. The area was immediately sealed off and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad was notified and responded to the scene to assist in the investigation. The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad x-rayed the package and eventually used their robot’s pressurized water cannon to force the package open to view the boxes contents. It was revealed that the box contained smaller empty boxes. During this incident, the Twin Lakes Fire / EMS and the Richmond, IL Fire / EMS was summoned and staged in the area in case of an emergency. Thanks to the cooperation of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, Twin Lakes Police Department, Twin Lakes Fire / EMS and the Richmond, IL. Fire / EMS, this incident was quickly resolved with a safe resolution.”


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  1. I think this link will take you to photos I took this morning. I posted them on my facebook page. I didn’t see media at the location.

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