Silver Lake Board formally accepts police chief resignation

silver-lake-police-doorThe Silver Lake Village Board formally accepted Silver Lake Police Chief Dan Kingsley’s resignation at Wednesday night’s Village Board meeting.

The vote to accept Kingsley’s resignation was 5-1, with Trustee Chris Willkomm voting against and Trustee Carolyn Dodge absent.

Kingsley tendered his resignation by letter on Tuesday. It is effective Sept. 12. He has been chief since 2002 and on the department since 1992.

Before the vote, board members took turns praising Kingsley:

  • Village President Sue Gerber said with her voice cracking with emotion: “In my opinion, Chief Kingsley was the best chief we have ever had and he is going to be missed.”
  • Trustee Micahel Decker, who as chairman of the Police and Judicial Committee is charged with setting up how the department will move forward, said: “He’s a great man. He was a phenomenal police chief.”
  • Trustee Pat Dunn praised Kingsley for his work, including how he handled informing his family of the death of Dunn’s daughter: “You’re right he will be sorely missed.”
  • Willkomm said he planned to vote against accepting the resignation because he wanted to find any way possible to keep Kingsley on the job: “Dan Kingsley was a real professional … he kept the crime out of Silver Lake.”
  • Trustee Roger Johnson praised Kingsley for his accessibility: ” You could sit down and talk to him anytime you wanted to. He was a great chief.”

Decker has said he was meeting with Kingsley Thursday to work out plans for the department. He said it is unlikely the village will launch a search for a permanent replacement until after the dissolution of the village referendum on Nov. 4.



  1. I may a rebel says:

    I wish Chief Kingsley well in his retirement. Yes, retirement. He did not quit. He wants to be by his family. Some people on the the anti-dissolve page are blaming the dissolve movements. They are calling the dissolvers names, and blaming them for any wrong thing in this village. But fact is, the anti-dissolvers are the problem. They are the ones creating all the strife. Vote YES on November 4th!

  2. Anti-Dissolvers are the problem says:

    Vote yes to dissolve the Silver Lake government and hire the professionals with a proven track record. The Salem Town Board.

  3. Karen Erb says:

    Chief Kingsley will sorely be missed. We wish him well, as he moves off to Texas to be near his son and pursues a new direction in law enforcement. Silver Lake’s loss is another’s gain. In the meantime the prayers of those who think we spend too much money on safety now can be answered. Our police budget can be tweaked and a new approach to leadership can be explored. It can still be modified as it is evaluated.

    Good luck Dan Kingsley. Good luck Silver Lake!

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Jaren Erb: Your observation that some of “us” think we spend “too much money on safety” is your classic “bait and switch” tactic. “Some of us” believe that spending $500,000+ on police protection,and only $50,000 on fire protection in our village is disproportional. “Some of us” believe that paying a private contractor $28,000 annually for ambulance service that does not include initial paramedic level care jeopardizes our “safety”. How does Dan Kingsley’s
    “retirement” “answer our prayers”? The village board in lightning fast speed approved both a police chief replacement, an assistant chief, along with pay raises for the police officers, yet steadfastly REFUSES to endorse Allie Draeger as Fire Chief. Get out a couple of your spread sheets and try to convince “us” that our safety has not been affected by the board’s lack of support for our firefighters. Chief Kingsley was a tremendous asset to our village. The police officers deserve to have someone in the leadership position. Why don’t our firefighters deserve the same? Keep the drivel coming. What “new approach to leadership” is the board exploring for the fire department? IGNORING IT?
    Chief Draeger….keep the faith…..and thank you for your efforts and dedication to our community! Your troops and many of our citizens(minus Ms. Erb et al) support you and our firefighters. The DISSOLVE MOVEMENT will make your department even STRONGER!

  5. Sinking Ship in Silver Lake says:

    @Ms Erb: Umm…in case you have not noticed…..the Silver Lake PD is sinking FASTER than the Silver Lake FD pumper sank in the lake many years ago. An appropriate comparison, I believe.

  6. S.S. Never Sail says:

    An observation here, Ms. Erb’s credibility SUNK a long time ago, spreadsheets or not!!!!

  7. Bernard Punsley says:

    While there is no doubt that Karen has a committment to her community, RARELY does she offer viable alternatives………her diatribes are filled with the mantra “the sky is falling”………..remember, she is one of the BIGGEST PROPONENTS of “Silver Lake DOES NOT NEED PARAMEDICS, WE ONLY HAVE 2 PARAMEDIC LEVEL CALLS A YEAR”. She fought any change to the Fire/Rescue service when the Ad Hoc Committee proposed changes, offered no alternatives and now offers ZILCH as to how our community can feasibly handle the financial woes we currently are saddled with. Ooopps….she DID support the Gerber/Faber White Elephant Memorial Library……guess I stand corrected. Ball’s in your court, Karen. What ARE your solutions? Complain about Galich, Bernard, Jeff, et al?

  8. Barney Fan Club says:

    Well, certainly the observation could be made that the former police chief “abandoned ship” Can’t really say I blame him.

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