Silver Lake Village Board to consider police chief’s resignation

silver-lake-police-doorThe agenda for Wednesday’s Silver Lake Village Board meeting includes an agenda item regarding the resignation of the Silver Lake Police chief.

The item, under president’s agenda, says: “To Accept Chief Dan Kingsley’s Letter of Resignation.” No further information is included in the agenda.

We have requested a copy of the letter from village Clerk Terry Faber via email but have not yet received a reply. We also have contacted via email village President Sue Gerber, and the members of the Police and Judicial Committee — Chairman Michael Decker, and members Trustees Pat Dunn and Roger Johnson.

UPDATE 4:11 p.m. — Police and Judicial Committee Chairman Decker said (via email) he just found out about the resignation today via a phone call from Kingsley. He has not seen the letter. He has a meeting with Kingsley scheduled for Thursday a.m.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m. — I just talked to Decker and have a little more information. Kingsley said in his letter that his resignation as Silver Lake PD chief and “retirement from law enforcement” will be effective Sept. 12. In Kingsley’s conversation with Decker and the letter Kingsley did not specify a reason for his action. At his Thursday meeting with Kingsley, Decker said he anticipates focusing on how to move forward without a chief for a while. Decker also said he does not anticipate launching a search for a new chief before the Nov. 4 dissolution of the village referendum. “My suspicion is that we will have to deal with it the best way we can with the people we have,” Decker said. Decker said he also has heard a resignation from one of the department’s full-time officers may also be coming. Decker praised Kingsley’s work and said he regretted seeing him leave the department. “Personally, I hate to see Chief Kingsley go,” Decker said. “I think he is a phenomenal officer.”



  1. Jo Lasdasky says:

    Dan Kingsley….I’m sorry to see you go as you are a good man and a very good policeman. I understand that this environment is not good for anyone in the public eye and I wish you all the best.

    Silver Lake will miss you and I thank you personally for the help that you gave me when I needed it. Take care and enjoy your retirement.

  2. Chris says:

    Chief Kingsley, On befall of my family and myself, we are sorry to see you leave. If it is for the purpose of retiring, you more than deserve it! The work you, and your officers have accomplished in Silver Lake can not be matched. You were open to the citizens of your town and always made your department available for any cause. My kids looked at you not only as a Police Officer, but their “hero”. We hope you enjoy your next endeavor. (If I see anymore strange birds running on the road, I’ll call the next Chief).

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