Twin Lakes to wait and see on Silver Lake library building payment

Silver Lake is asking the other Community Library municipalities to consider — or at least discuss — helping Silver Lake pay off a loan it made to purchase a building for a library branch in that village.

Those Community Library municipalities are Salem, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, Randall along with Silver Lake.

On Monday, Twin Lakes weighed in on its position: Not now.

When consideration of the item came up at Monday’s Twin Lakes Village Board meeting, President Howard Skinner quickly suggested tabling the matter until after the November referendum on dissolving the village of Silver Lake government is decided. No one objected, in fact most of the board members appeared to be in agreement with Skinner, as they seconded, and “thirded” and “fourthed” etc. the motion.

Earlier proposals by Silver Lake assumed $50,000 contributions from each municipality to repay the $250,000 loan — $200,000 for the building and $50,000 for renovations. However, Silver Lake’s attorney Linda Gray on Aug. 6┬ásent out a letter to the other member municipalities’ lawyers outlining new possible payment cost sharing plans based on population and assessed valuation. Some of the plans show $50,000 as Salem’s contribution, because that was the amount approved at an electors meeting. Silver Lake is also show in some of the plans as committing to a $100,000 contribution. Here they are from Gray’s letter:







  1. Joe says:

    No!!!! You wanted it you pay for it

  2. Bernard Punsley says:


  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    The new plan is all done with “smoke and mirrors”! Twin Lakes was very astute to “sit this one out” for now……..can’t imagine Randall, Salem, and Paddock Lake jumping on board this sinking ship.

  4. No Leadership in Silver Lake says:

    Howard Skinner is correct. Do not enter into any agreement with a failing community. That is why Twin Lakes is running smoothly. I hope the other municipalities also see this and do the same. Do not feed my money to a sinking ship.

  5. Sinking ship ? says:

    Salem will get title when SL dissolves along with everything else they own or have in hock with a bank. And we are happy to be there. It not like we have a choice or vote so don’t even think about blaming us. One step backward and then two steps forward is how I see it. Not a lot will change. A few people will loose their jobs but will probably just be hired on by the new authority in charge. All the work will still need to be done. Why does everyone think that SL will be left to rot? Salem will need to hire some additional people to drive what ever trucks we get. The snow plowing will be the same. Your roads will still get paved. Relax, this is not the end of the world. You people who feel the you are being railroaded into this ‘Dissolve’ are forgetting that it’s majority rules. If you don’t want to dissolve so bad then get out your side of the vote. And if it does come to pass, you can at any time in the future vote yourselves into a village again. You again just have to get your side of the vote out and do it.

  6. Sinking Ship says:

    I like the reference to the White Elephant library as a “sinking ship”. Perhaps it should be christened the “S. S. NEVER SAIL”. Anchors Away!!!!


    Maybe Howard Skinner could fly over Silver Lake in a seaplane and drop $50,000 singles over the village to help pay for the library. Wouldn’t be any more ridiculous then the way Silver Lake spends money (they don’t have)so frivolously!

  8. Bernie=internet coward says:

    What else do you call someone who can only be tuff when he’s anonymous on a website? When confronted in person my guess is he runs like the coward he is. ( remember Silver Lake Marina Bernie??? )

  9. Library Meeting says:

    Hi Darren,
    You have not reported on last Monday nights library meeting. I am interested in how much the other communities are going to give the Silver Lake Library.

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Bernie=internet coward: ummm…I haven’t “run” anywhere….folks like you keep reading my posts, continue to take your best shots at me, but like the Engerzier Bunny…..I just keep going on!!!! I remain…”Bernard the Magnificent”

  11. Sure? says:

    Are you sure? You sound a lot like the same guy who ran out of the Marina to avoid getting your butted whooped.

  12. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Sure? Nice try. What exactly does “that guy” sound like?

  13. @Bernard says:

    “that guy” sounds like the same whiner who sits at board meetings whispering to his cronies or anyone else who will listen to him. “that guy” also sounds like the guy who lost his last election so bad it’s a wonder why he shows his face in public.

  14. Bernard Punsley says:

    @@Bernard: Mike Faber? Who knew!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip!

  15. @Bernard says:

    Say what you want about Mike Faber, he’s not a coward. he also doesn’t hide,,, in fact, that’s probably why you do most of your talking when you are not face to face with him.

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