Silver Lake FD asks for chief to be recognized by Village Board

Silver Lake Fire Department Assistant Chief Roger Pattie asked the Silver Lake Village Board to formally recognize Allison Draeger as SLFD chief.

Pattie made his request as part of extended remarks during citizens’ comments at Wednesday night’s Village Board meeting.

But a village official said the board won’t act on recognizing any chief until a legal dispute over the chief selection process is settled.

Pattie’s comments (video above) lasted over seven minutes and also included requests to purchase new tires for the department’s equipment truck and for four sets of turnout gear. Pattie also reported that the department has not lost any members since the sudden retirement of former Chief Andrew McFarlane in May, and recently added two new members who are well-qualified.

Regarding Draeger, who was elected chief by department members, Pattie said Village Board members treat her as chief in private, but have refused to confirm her as chief with a formal vote.

“She needs to be recognized as chief by this board,” Pattie said. “She was duly elected by the fire department. She meets or exceeds all of the qualifications set forth by the fire department standard operating procedures approved by this board.”

After the meeting, Trustee Roger Johnson, who is the chairman of the Emergency Services Committee, said the board will not consider a motion to recognize a chief of the department until a legal dispute between the firefighters association and the village over the chief appointment process is resolved.

Pattie started off his comments by criticizing the board for saying they want to cooperate, but then not following through.

“Your actions do not demonstrate any sort of willingness to address any of the problems facing the fire department,” Pattie said.

Fire department matters arose again during the typically routine committee reports at the end of the meeting. Johnson said he had nothing to report for Emergency Services. But Draeger, in the audience, took the opportunity to demand action on the equipment truck tires and the purchase of the new turnout gear.

Eventually, President Sue Gerber and Johnson pledged to discuss the matter again at fire department training on Monday, though a purchase approval would have to wait until the next board meeting.




  1. Legal Beagle says:

    Roger Johnson states the board will not consider a motion to recognize a chief of the SLFD until a “legal dispute” between the firefighters association and the village ove the chief appointment is resolved. Ummm…..wouldn’t recognizing Allie Draeger as Fire Chief resolve that dispute?

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    We are back to the old “Ostrich Approach” once again by our village board, you know, stick your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. This is for all you ‘Silver Lake is not broke financially” zealots out there. Board has no money for tires for the fire trucks, protective gear for the firefighters to wear, no funding to staff during the day……but we are not broke? You cops and public works folks who chide the fire department every chance you get should start taking a real close look at your budgets, line them up next to the fire department budget, then go from there. RE$OLVE TO DI$$OLVE!

  3. Litigation says:

    Roger Johnson says that they will not recognize the Fire Chief of the department until the litigation has been solved. That is what the litigation is about. If they recognize the Fire Chief. Litigation over.

  4. Bernard the Bully? says:

    Like most bullies, Bernard is big and brave calling names and slandering people from his keyboard. When given the opportunity in person it’s a different story.

  5. Ughh says:

    The board doesn’t want to fund NECCESSARY services…sounds like they want the dissolve to happen. Apparently its too much work for the village board. Can’t wait for November to come 😉

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Bernard the Bully?: Really….I’m hiding behind my keyboard? Like YOU?!! At least I have the courage to put my name on my posts! I remain “Bernard the Magnificent”!

  7. Fire Safety 101 says:

    There seems to be a plethora of “experts” in our village that know EXACTLY what happens in our village fire station, and just HOW our fire department should operate. However, I think they may not be as “fire savvy” minded as they lead us to believe. I will pass along some little know fire safety tips to educate a few of those folks. 1. Everyone knows it is against the law to stand up in a crowed movie theater and yell “FIRE”. But did you know it is also illegal to stand up in a crowed room of firefighters watching tv and yell “MOVIE”.
    2.Never Pet A Burning Dog. 3. Never Put Out A Campfire With Your Face
    4. Smokey the Bear warns “Remember Children, Forest Fires Prevent Bears”.

  8. to Fire Safety 101 says:

    Thanks for the fire safety tips,, perhaps I can share some of mine with you?

    1. Don’t show up to a fire call drunk,, you may injure yourself or others
    2. Don’t drive the firetruck through the fire station door, no matter how fun it looks!
    3. Never drive the fire truck into the lake! ( and if you do, don’t wear patches celebrating your stupidity)
    4. Don’t play with matches at the fire station, you may burn it down. (AGAIN)

  9. Fire Safety 101 says:

    @to Fire Safety 101: Thanks for those observations…given your disdain for the SLFD, the DISSOLVE MOVEMENT will take care of your concerns quite nicely.

  10. To Fire Safety 101 says:

    The dissolve movement will fix all your problems. Hang your gun on the door when you leave.

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