Salem woman writes book about losing her 12-year-old daughter

Louise Boyd of Salem lost her 12-year-old daughter Elianna suddenly in August 2011.

Recently, Boyd has written a book titled “Journey to the Rainbow.”

The book entails Boyd’s grief after losing Elianna.

“The most amazing part of the book are the signs we receive from her which have helped us move on,” Boyd said. “Her soul lives on but in another dimension.”

More information on the book is available at



  1. Susan Mueller says:

    Beautifully written book. Highly recommend reading!

  2. Jayne Stewart says:

    A wonderfully uplifting book that really shows us that an afterlife must exist.
    The deep pain and grief of losing a child are dealt with openly, and are then embraced as part of the life cycle, for life really does go on. The authors Louise Boyd and her sister Amanda prove in this heartfelt book that there really can be lasting healing and love, beyond all the immeasurable pain. So buy a copy NOW!

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