2014 Kenosha County Fair pie auction

2014-fair-pie-auction-1If you have a sweet tooth — and a desire to help out the Kenosha County Fair’s building fund — then the annual pie auction on Saturday night is the event for you.

Individuals, businesses and families donate packages of baked goods and accessories, often revolving around some sort of theme. Other items, like quilts or blanket throws are sometimes donated. There are some chainsaw carvings up for bid each year too.

Bidders then compete — and often pay very high prices — for these goods. But they know they are helping enrich a good cause, the fund that maintains the buildings on the fairgrounds.

And a lot of fun is had along the way.

For example, tonight one of the packages was put together by the Goat Project. Besides the goodies, however, the package included a chance to kiss or shake hands with a goat. There actually was one goat in the ring that was a kissing specialist and another that was a hand shaker. The winning bidder was willing to part with their money, but they deferred on the goat affection, leaving a member of the auction team to seal the deal with a smooch right on the goat’s lips.










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