2014 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners

Here is a list of the 2014 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners:

Cultural Arts —  Cherish Clark, Kenosha Klovers, Mosaic table; Natalie LaForge, Bristol Challenge, Goat Soap; Alexa Eaves, Kenosha Klovers, Pastel Drawing; Jennifer Sheen, Salem Pioneers, Dough Train; Katlyn Boss, Paris Happy Workers, Mixed Medium painting; Amanda Gorsuch, Bristol Strivers, Painting; Ashley Dabbs, Wheatland Willing Workers, Jewelry; Abby Diedrich, Lucky Clovers, Scrapbook; Katie Carlson, Somers Chargers, Violin Reconstruction; Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Stained Glass; Abigail Suiter,  Lucky Clovers, Handstamped Cards; Hannah Vozel, Lucky Clovers, Oil + acrylic painting; Rebecca Sheen, Salem Pioneers, Decorated flower pot; Mackenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, Decoupage; Sarah March, Wheatland, Charcoal drawing.

Creative Writing — Kayli Humphrey, Wheatland Willing Workers, Creative Writing; Isabella Montemurro, Somers Chargers, Creative Writing.

Home Furnishings — Samantha Karls, Slades Corners,Quilling-Owl.

Child Development — Samantha Karls, Slades Corners, Horse Party.

Music — Katie Carlson, Somers Chargers, Music scrapbook.

Photography — Seth Kopczynski, Bristol Challenge, Pumpkin photo; Mackenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, Book photo; Hannah Vozel, Slades Corners, Spiral photo; Emma Varney, Salem Pioneers, Mary with Jesus photo; Nathan Stalter, Trail Blazers,  “Reborn” Photo; Shane McNealy, Wheatland, Ferris Wheel; Morgan Meyers, Brighton Bombers, “I Promise.”

Computer — Shane McNealy, Wheatland, Computer Design.

Vet Science — Kari Husenica, Mustangs, Horse Model; Alexander Dawson, Somers Chargers, Horse nutrient chart; Hannah Vozel, Slades Corners, Endangered species poster.

Sewing and Quiliting — Carly Lois, Wheatland, Apron; Jayln Warren, Wheatland, Dress; Mackenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers,  Sportswear; Haley Hansen, Wheatland Willing Workers, Quilt.

Fashion Explosion — Jacklyn Siver, EARTH, Sports Outfit; Maddie Hershelman, Slades Corners, skirt; Jalisa Sand, Salem Pioneers, Blouse/shorts; Emma Anderson, Brighton Bombers, P.J.s. State Fair Delegates: Tiffany Ouwerkerk, Salem Pioneers, Coat; Natalie Siver, E.A.R.T.H , Skirt and top; Paige Armbruster, Bristol Strivers, P.J., Mabel Kessler; Kendall Krumm, Paris Happy Workers.

Club Scrapbook — Somers Chargers.

Youth Leadership — Cassidy Dabbs, Wheatland, 4-H poster.

Gardening and Vegetables — Carolyn Brown, Bristol Strivers, Garden Box; Madison Fenske, Wheatland, Red Cabbage; Samantha Karls, Slades Corners, Scrapbook of 15 wildflowers.

Flowers and House Plants — Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, 6 succulents; Cherish Clark, Kenosha Klovers, Bouquet of flowers.

Woodworking — Amanda Tews, Brighton Bombers, Wood Toolbox; Jenna Ziemelis, Paris Happy Workers, Bench; Colten Greenhill, Salem Pioneers Birdhouse.

Foods — Madeline Hershelman, Slades Corners, Cream Puffs; Elena Schluesner, Slades Corners, Avocado and Feta Guacamole; Travis Harpster, Wheatland, Apple Pie filling-canning; Grace Lasch, Salem Pioneers, Recipe box; Madison Fenske, Wheatland Willing Workers, Jewish noodle dish; Danielle Garrett, Slades Corners, Peanut Butter Chocolates; Jennifer Sheen, Salem Pioneers, Chocolate cupcakes; Elinor Decker, Wheatland Willing Workers, Cherries-canning; Katelyn Halladay, Brighton Bombers, Japanese yaki sauce; Grace Suiter, Slades Corners, Makeover Mexican Rollups.

Cake Decorating — Katelyn Halladay, Brighton Bombers, Advanced cupcake decoration; Abby Diedrich, Slades Corners, Advanced Multi layer cake; Maggie Hillock, Salem Pioneers, Advanced any other cake; Payton Armbuster, Bristol Strivers, Beginner special occasion cake; Dominc Kruk, Slades Corners, Beginner any other cake.

Dog — Kate Husenica, Mustangs, Dog Obedience; Mackenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, Dog Obedience; Evan Rosenick, Salem Pioneers, CGC Obedience; Julia Schwer Paris Happy Workers, CGC Obedience; Christy Schneckloth, Brighton Bombers, Agility Dog Project; Danielle Garrett, Slades Corners, Agility Dog Project; Danielle Garrett, Slades Corners, Dog Showmanship; Brandon Boeckenstedt, E.A.R.T.H, Dog Showmanship; Danielle Garrett, Slades Corners, Rally Obedience; Troy Skora, Brighton Bombers, Rally Obedience.

Archery — Damon Krampitz, Somers Chargers, Above Average; Colten Greenhill, Salem Pioneers, Most Consistent; Matthew Knapp, Wheatland Willing Workers, Most Improved.


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