Salem to have referendum on ATV routes

atv-sxc-Michal-Zacharzewski-webSalem residents will have a chance to vote on whether they would like the Salem Town Board to institute ATV routes on town roads.

The board voted to place the matter on the Nov. 4 ballot, culminating several months of discussion on the topic that failed to uncover a clear favored direction on the part of the public.

The referendum, which will be non-binding, is an effort  to better gauge public opinion on the issue, said Patrick Casey, town administrator.

The referendum will not reference specific routes. If the board decides that they are going to continue to examine allowing ATVs on streets, identifying specific routes will likely be part of the process of developing an ordinance, along with the consideration of many other possible rules and regulations, said Chairman Diann Tesar.

 “I think the board has a long way to go before we get anyone on the road,” Tesar said.

 A group of people advocating for the establishment of such routes approached the board in April. Last month, the board hosted a public input meeting on the topic that drew an audience of about 150 people and 26 speakers. Sentiment for and against the proposal seemed pretty split down the middle at the meeting.


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