Silver Lake Fire Department Update

The Silver Lake Village Board On Wednesday conducted business with little change and little comment. The board accepted fire Chief David Kordecki’s resignation with no comment. A chief was not appointed to replace him. Allie Draeger is still serving as chief, as elected by the fire department, but she has not been formally accepted by the board. She was in attendance.

Chief Allie Draeger

Chief Allie Draeger

There was one change to fire department operations. There will no longer be someone paid to be in the station during the day. Firefighters will only be paid for calls, on a quarterly basis.

Two board members commented on the flyer. Sue Gerber says she’s disturbed by it. Roger Johnson agreed it was disturbing and said it’s physical distribution seemed to be limited.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    The village board would be wise to accept the nomination of Allie Draeger as Silver Lake Fire Chief. They would be even wiser to SUPPORT both Chief Draeger and the Silver Lake Fire Department. Chief Draeger and her firefighters will continue to provide the best level of services that they can, with our without the support of the village board. “Fliers and Criers” will NOT bring down the SLFD!

  2. seriously??? says:

    Ok Silver Lake board & Bernard Punsley. ..seriously…how can you possibly support “Allie” for Chief? The woman may be certified as FF1 or FF2 and Emt Basic, but beyond that, she has zero “officer” training or certification and Galich was reported as supporting her as Chief in Kenosha News? Being a retired Kenosha fireman, why on earth would he support her credentials as being qualified to be Chief when she has none? Good luck with your potential new chief

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    @/seriously??? A couple of considerations to your observations here. 1. Greg Galich DOES support Fire Chief Draeger. 2. Her firefighters support her. 3. She does have the qualifications and credentials to do the job as Fire Chief. 4. She IS the Silver Lake Fire Department Fire Chief….not the “potential” Chief. 5. She has growing support in the community as they see the excellent job she has done taking over the department under very trying circumstances. And she has some excellent “mentors” assisting her. 6. She will not be swayed by the “Red Jacketed Criers and Fliers” dissenters. 7. GO CHIEF DRAEGER!

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    What exactly IS the village board doing to address the Fire Chief situation? We have a Fire Chief that by all accounts is doing a commendable job. Is the village board considering approving her appointment? Are they actively seeking other candidates? Or are they just spinning their wheels?

  5. Safety first? says:

    So Greg Galich support a “Fire Chief” who is not qualified and the rest of the residents are supposed to sleep better at night? Says a lot about Mr. Galich’s credibility.

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Safety first?: You conveniently left out the fact that not only does Mr. Galich(aka GG)support Chief Draeger, so do the REST of her firefighters, and so do MANY members of this community. The fact that our board CONTINUES to ignore that reality should cause some sleepless nights for some folks! Mr. Galich’s credibility is well known in this community, and mine ain’t too bad either!
    IF in fact the “Fire Chief” is “not qualified”……explain exactly what our board is doing about it? Same thing they did with the tires…ignore the issue, it will go away. Got news for your pal, Chief Draeger isn’t backing down, GG certainly has her backside, as do the rest of her firefighters. Find another issue to keep you from sleeping tonight…..

  7. Safety first? says:

    So as long as Mr. Galich and the rest of the firefighters support Chief Draeger, your willing to turn a blind eye that she’s not qualified for the position of Chief? Sounds a lot like the same “small town” politics that so many of you were whining about a couple years ago.

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Safety first? Please explain to the readers what the “qualifications” for Fire Chief are? Did the village ever post any? Did they ever post the job position?
    Are they actively seeking a Fire Chief? “I see, said the blind man”…take off those rose colored glasses you are wearing! Go Chief Draeger!

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