Charles Gitzinger honored for long term on Randall Plan Commission

/Submitted photo courtesy of Ken Mangold

Charles Gitzinger (left) accepts a plaque from town Chairman Bob Stoll. /Submitted photo courtesy of Ken Mangold

Charles Gitzinger was honored Thursday for his time on the Randall Plan Commission.

Town Chairman Bob Stoll presented Gitzinger with a plaque recognizing his service to the town.

Gitzinger, who was the commission’s chairman when he stepped down, had served on the panel for 18 years.

Gitzinger remains the town’s municipal judge.



  1. Jeff S says:

    Can anyone in the planning commission explain why my tax money is being spent to rescue drunk cowgirls at country thunder ?

  2. Reposnse Back says:

    Not a member of the plan commission, but the Medical part is contracted out by through Medix at country thunder, and both the police and fire department are paid by Country Thunder to be out there also there is my understanding.

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