Twin Lakes Village Board to eliminate residency requirement for administrator

tl-logoThe Twin Lakes Village Board is poised to eliminate a residency requirement for village administrator Jennifer Pollitt.

At Monday’s Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting, the board discussed changing Pollitt’s employment agreement to eliminate the residency requirement. Previously, village administrators were required to live within the village within six months of hire as a condition of employment.

No board member objected to eliminating the requirement, but some had suggestions.

Trustee Sharon Bower said she would prefer there to be a residency requirement similar to that for police officers — where residency in Kenosha, Walworth or Racine counties is required.

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald suggested offering an financial incentive for employees who are village residents.

“I think there is a benefit to having employees who want to live in town,” Fitzgerald said.

Another change to the agreement considered Monday was changing Pollitt’s last name in the agreement to Frederick. She is getting married this weekend.

The agreement changes will be voted on by the board at a future meeting.


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  1. Salem doesn't says:

    Salem once considered a residency requirement for their current administrator, Pat Casey. It was voted down. I agreed with that vote and this one here.

    I think that first, a non-emergency village employee shouldn’t have to be in town all of the time. Second, by not being a resident I think “the boss” ends up with a different perspective. He or she doesn’t have to worry about making friends or enemy’s with the residents. This frees them up to do what’s best and right by their job and not play favorites to friends and neighbors.

    It is treated more like the executive job it is, running a business like it should be. It also makes the pool of candidates bigger. Good decision, Twin Lakes!

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