Silver Lake approves $500,000 plus bid for storm sewer repair

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday approved a bid for storm sewer repair for $533,702.

Awarding the bid to Wanasek Corporation was approved unanimously, with Trustee Patrick Dunn absent and Trustee Chris Willkomm abstaining due to family and work connections to Wanasek.

The work would only repair or replace the sewers identified as most urgent for replacement.

How the village will pay for the expenditure has not been decided yet. Village Clerk Terry Faber said a Board of Commissioners of Public Land State Trust Fund Loan would be one possibility and seeking a loan from a bank would be another.

“These storm sewers have needed to be replaced for a long time; I don’t know why previous boards kept putting it off, it only got more expensive,” said Willkomm, who returned to the board this April.

The Wanasek bid was not the lowest. The low bidder, Bradford Corporation, however asked to be released from its bid due to errors that made it too low. Bradford had bid $388,000.

Earlier in the meeting, the board voted to release Bradford from its bid due to the errors, but also voted to not return a $19,000 bid bond from Bradford.


  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    ANOTHER half million dollar plus DEBT that our village is running up…and the board does not know how they are going to PAY for it.,…..ANOTHER loan payment coming up folks…maybe they could “piggy back” the loan on to the LIBRARY LOAN. The “GEM” of the night was Chris Willkomm’s poignant observation: ” I don’t know why previous boards kept putting it off, it only got more expensive”…………..ah Chris… many years did you spend serving on those “previous boards”? The board last night took another BIG STEP towards strengthening the MOVING SILVER LAKE FORWARD. RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE!

  2. Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    I would like to see the board take the $19,000 “donation” that they received from Bradford Corporation, and use it to full upgrade all the fire department tires.I think our new Fire Chief should pursue this. This “windfall” was not budgeted on any line item(who knew we would receive it?)……let’s put it to good use protecting our citizens. How about it, Chief Kordecki. GO FOR IT!

  3. BINGO! says:

    Ah….did Silver Lake win the lottery or did I miss something. As our financial situation in the village continues to falter, like our crumbling sewer pipes, we are going to “finance” another $533,000 + to repair only the “worst” sewer pipes,not ALL the bad ones. This “loan” is on top of the $250,000 “loan” we just took out for the LIBRARY. Why don’t we just declare “BANKRUPTCY” instead of running up these enormous debts. Better yet…..RESOLVE TO DiSSOLVE!

  4. Ughh says:

    Down the dumps the village goes…literally!

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    I have a suggestion…..I think we should ask Randall, Salem, Twin Lakes, and Paddock Lake to help “kick in” to help pay for our $533,702 sewer repair costs, just like they helped us out with our $250,000 library. Oops…I forgot, we bought the library all by ourselves……to quote Laugh In’s Roseann Roseannadanna: “NEVER MIND”. Ah always leave ’em laughing!

  6. Silver Lake Sinking says:

    @Bernie…..let’s not forget how Randall and Wheatland fire department’s “helped us out” during our “we can’t afford fire truck tires” fiasco. Wheatland FD loves us so much they provided a fire chief for us@!! Downright neighborly!

  7. Better with Bernie says:

    At last weeks Silver Lake board meeting, that The Queen was scolding a certain audience member and former board, for taking money from the village sewer account to pay off a loan two or three years ago. It’s too bad that ‘someone took that money, we could have used it now to repair the sewers’, said The Queen. What the Queen didn’t realize is that the money was earning .5% in the bank and the loan was over 4.5%. Paying it off saved 4% per year, and now the loan, if we can even get it, will be about 2%.
    If you ever wondered why we are in a financial mess, this demonstrates why. Basic math escapes The Queen.
    The suggestion should have been made to use the money from the new Gerber White Elephant Library to fund the sewers. Never a second thought about that loan, was there?
    I am worried we may not even qualify for a loan. The clerk is checking on the options right now. WOW, after approving the project, they decide to look for funding?
    For people who want to hear about reasons to dissolve, The Queen and Her Court keep offering up the proof as to why on November 4 we must vote YES!

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Better with Bernie: Excellent points….this current board has shown a proclivity from “shooting from the hip”……buy a library? No problem. The surrounding towns and villages will help us pay for it. Fix our sewers? Get a loan. No problem. Remember, we are not going to fix ALL the bad sewer pipes, only the ones in REALLY BAD SHAPE. Fire truck tires? Don’t need ’em. New fire chief? Just go out and get one off the street, No problem. Any legal questions, just ask our legal department for “on the spot” advice. No problem. While there a more than a few “doubters” about the feasibility of the “Moving Silver Lake Forward” movement, I would urge folks to 1. Attend your village board meetings. See the ineptitude in action FIRST HAND. 2. Analyze the FACTS presented by the Dissolve movement with an OPEN MIND, base you decision on FACTS, not FANTASY or EMOTION. Under the Queen’s “leadership”, this board has continually FAILED to face the problems our village is not only suffering from today, but those huge financial burdens right around the corner. And they conveniently blame “the former board” or “the former president”. I would ask the board “What is your MASTER PLAN” to address the terrible mess our village is in? BORROW MORE MONEY seems to be the immediate game plan of the day. We will be paying for this lack of leadership for a Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg TIME! RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE!!! MOVE SILVER LAKE FORWARD!

  9. $aturate $ilver Lake says:

    Givenour village’s financial woes, I suggest we “saturate” our village roads with police cars setting up “$peed Traps”……we could generate enough funds to help offset some of our daily operational costs and keep our roads safe as well.
    Just a thought. We need to do SOMETHING to generate funds!

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Better with Bernie: Your observations are very poignant. The Gerber-Faber White Elephant Memorial Library fiasco was one of the catalysts that fired up the Moving Silver Lake Forward movement. Every village board meeting is an adventure, folks really do need to start attending, to see just how inept this board is, and how a certain “red jacketed faction” tries to influence board decisions. RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE! Come and see for yourself!

  11. Confused Citizen says:

    Well now I am really confused….I believe the District Attorney ruled that SilverL lake DOES own the library. So what are we waiting for to start using it? If we procured a loan to purchase the building(we did, didn’t we?), and we now have possession of the keys to the building, how long before our kids, senior citizens like myself, and the rest of our villagers start using our new facility. What is the holdup?

  12. Something to think about! says:

    Something to think about; I heard one of Salem’s board members has asked their attorney if Silver Lake goes on a spending spree and then dissolves can Salem add special charges to Silver Lake property owner’s tax bill rather than just add the debt to Salem’s. He wants to make sure Salem doesn’t have to share in paying back BAD debt. Do you think he is thinking about the Library?

  13. concerned says:

    Bernie, you call this the Gerber Faber White Elephant Library. You seem to forget the whole board, including Mr. Dunn voted for it. Gerber only has 1vote, she can’t do this alone. Interesting the DA investigation found nothing wrong was done. It may or may not have been a good idea, but it was within the boards power to do so. Nice that we wasted both time and money dealing with this investigation. Guess who pays for that.

  14. Salem Sitizen says:

    @Something to think about! : We Salem voters have already approved the $50,000 “donation” to the Gerber-Faber White Elephant Memorial Library. Our board just hasn’t decided whether or not they want to follow through on that vote. It’s in the minutes. Check it out.

  15. Better With Bernie says:

    Let’s clarify what ‘concerned’ submitted on this post: that the Gerber Faber White Elephant Library was investigated by the Kenosha County DA and “found nothing was done wrong”.
    Sorry WRONG.
    He found that there was not enough to charge anyone with a criminal complaint. However he did not say it was a legal purchase, which it was apparently not. The complaint cites many state statutes that were broken and this can (and should) be challenged in circuit court. From what I hear, Silver Lake would lose.
    Who takes out a loan without the promise of written cooperation from neighboring communities, but seeks to do so now, 6+ months after the fact?
    Who doesn’t have required inspections done?
    Who doesn’t negotiate the price with the seller?
    Who doesn’t shop for the lowest interest rate using many competing financial institutions?
    Who doesn’t have firm numbers for remodel fees from competing reputable suppliers?
    Who doesn’t budget the money to be repaid, as required by state law, so that the money has to come out of an already overspent budget?
    Who robs from Peter to pay Paul?
    You know who?
    Queen Gerber, that’s who!

  16. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Concerned: I’ll stand by my contention that the “Gerber-Faber White Elephant Memorial Library” fiasco was one of the final straws that led to the formation of the Moving Silver Lake Forward movement. The entire board DID vote to purchase the building, under shady pretenses, at best, acting o information provided to them by The Queen AND Mike Faber. The DA investigation found NUMEROUS irregularities, but chose NOT to file charges. Please explain to the populus, “Concerned” why Salem, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes and Randall have all REFUSED to participate in this purchase, like our village board was told they were going to. Got some magical anwer for that?
    Meanwhile, our White Elephant continues to sit empty, but I’m guessing the interest on that loan payment just keeps ticking away, like the “Energizer Bunny”.

  17. Concerned says:

    Better with Bernie.
    Just because the DA did not say the purchase was legal doesn’t mean it is. He did not say the building had a roof. Does that mean it does not have one? DA also did not say it was not a legal purchase.
    My bigger point here is that the whole board voted to do this. Several seemed to have changed their mind as time went by. Gerber cannot do this alone. That is why they voted.
    That being said I question the purchase of the library when we are in the current financial situation. The decision may be good or bad but it was the boards decision and within the power of the board.

  18. Something to think about says:

    @Salem Sitizen, My point is the Salem board member wants to know if Salem can charge a special assessment of $200,000 to the Silver Lake if they DISOLVE rather than add the entire $250,000 debt to Salem’s debt.

  19. No Bullets for Bernie says:

    funny how those who cry the loudest are the same ones who were in power and chose to do nothing about many issues facing the village. Perhaps it’s easier to forget and blame everything on the new board? But shouldn’t the old board be held accountable also? Same goes for the SLFD and the SLRS. The mess their both in is because they both have over inflated egos and think they are untouchable. Its embarrassing to see what board meetings have become. Everyone out for themselves or their agenda rather than what’s good for the entire village.

  20. Bernard Punsley says:

    @No Bullets for Bernie: “itls easier to forget and blame everything on the new board”………..your words , not mine! The current board, especially “THE QUEEN” seems to have a penchant for blaming “the former board” for any problems we might be facing now. Want specifics? Chris Willkomm expressed dismay that previous boards had delay fixing our sewer system, and those repair costs continued to rise. HE was on SOME of those “previous boards”. The Queen chastised the former president for paying off a loan, thus SAVING our village money on interest loan costs, when in fact….she was ON THE BOARD! So take your “BLAME GAME” somewhere else….our village is in DIRE STRAIGHTS. Blame anyone you want,…..former board, current board, future board… Has the CURRENT BOARD attempted to address ANY of our problems???ON the financial front, their mantra is BORROW $$$ BORROW$$$ BORROW$$$ and then BORROW SOME MORE $$$$. You cite the “inflated egos” of the SLFD and the SLRS. OK. Silver Lake Police Department ESCAPES your “INFLATED EGO/UNTOUCHABLE” description? WOW! I’m guessing BOTH SLRS AND SLFD woud be THRILLED to have a $500,000+ budget to try and work with. Our board meetings are a real entertainment value. The “red jackets” sit in the back…they cant’ “bellow” any more..the Queen has declared that “unacceptable”…and has or Police Chief in attendance to monitor any outbursts. My “bullet points” CONTINUE to be ON TARGET… the CHAGRIN of some, “No Bullets For Bernie” included. Ahh……and I DO keep my ONE bullet in my shirt pocket, buttoned closed. waiting for “Sheriff Sue Taylor” telling me when I can take it out! Welcome to Mayberry!

  21. Something to think about says:

    @ Salem Sitizen,

    Salem has said they will share in the cost of the Library and contribute $50,000 because obviously their citizens and board don’t think it is a White Elephant and something Silver Lake citizens needed and would make good use of. It’s in the minutes and don’t forget we helped pay for the Salem Library.

    The point is: The Salem Supervisor is wondering if Silver Lake dissolves should $200,000 or Silver Lake’s share of the cost be charged to Silver Lake properties as a special assessment rather than adding the $200,000 to Salem’s $50,000 contribution.

    But who knows; if Silver Lake dissolves Salem might just rent the building to the Library for $1.00 per year like they do with the building they rent to the Western Kenosha County Historical Society. Oh, maybe not, she was thrown out of office.

  22. Salem Sitizen says:

    @Something to think about: We Salem voters DID approve spending the $50K for the Silver Lake library. That is what I said, Read my comments again. I’ll ask again….why has Salem Town Board NOT sent a check for $50K to the Silver Lake Village Board for the library purchase? If Silver Lake dissolves, all of their assets AND liabilities become Salem’s. And if this building is not a “white elephant” and something Silver Lake residents needed, it would now be part of Salem’s inventory, WHY would one of our Town Supervisors’ want to “SPECIAL ASSESS”
    selected targeted citizens? That is LUDICROUS! Thinking like that is why Silver Lake is in the financial crunch that they are.

  23. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Salem Sitizen: You are correct, your voters did indeed support spending $50K for the Silver Lake library. While we in Silver Lake do appreciate that support, the circumstances around which the building was purchased were “cloudy” at best. Even the Kenosha County DA alluded to that. That being said, the building continues to sit vacant . And we have yet to receive a DIME from any of the surrounding communities that were supposedly “on board”(according to the dynamic due..the Mike and Sue Show.). As we have already been “assessed” for $250,000 so far(nobody else has “kicked in some cash”)….would we then be “Assessed” again by Salem if we became part of their township? That seems blatantly unfair. Kind of funny, Silver Lake village board wanted NOTHING to do with Salem Fire & Rescue during the “fire truck tire” fiasco, would not even CONSIDER having Salem respond to our village calls(quicker than Randall or Wheatland could), yet we are more than happy to take $50 grand out of your kitty. And one other thing to consider, when Silver Lake DOES DISSOLVE and we are taken over by Salem, you fine folks will be the proud owners of our new fire truck tires. Complete with new air.

  24. Daydream Believer says:

    The latest audit of our village finances CLEARLY lays out the financial mess that our village is in. It’s a carbon copy of last year’s audit report, meaning virtually NONE of the recommendations to change our operational procedures have been adopted by the board or the village clerk. We continue to FLOUNDER, repeatedly IGNORE the advice of the professionals that we PAY to advise us on issues, and wonder WHY the village is in such DIRE STRAITS! Read the report, go to a village board meeting and see first hand how issues are handled, get the facts, ask a lot of pertinent questions… with a board member….you will be SHOCKED at the old adage “what I don’t know can’t hurt me”. The DISSOLVE MOVEMENT not only continues to grow daily, it’s becoming painfully obvious that is may be our only lifeline to get ourselves OUT of this MESS!

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