Man dies in ATV crash in Brighton

A 56-year-old Salem man died in an ATV crash in Brighton Tuesday afternoon.

The man is not being identified yet, said Department of Natural Resources Warden Jason Roberts.

While the incident is still under investigation, Roberts said it appears the man was operating the ATV alongside the road and then came onto the roadway. The man and ATV were found on Highway NN just west of Highway EW. The driver was not wearing a helmet.

The crash is being investigated by the DNR because it involved an ATV. It is believed that there were no other vehicles involved in the incident, Roberts said.

This is the eighth fatal ATV crash this year in Wisconsin, Roberts said. There were 9 last year by July 2.

“These ATVs were not meant to be operated on the road,” Roberts said. “We want to encourage people to keep ATVs off the road.”

Town of Salem Fire/Rescue and sheriff’s deputies initially responded to the scene, before the DNR also was dispatched.

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  1. Ande says:

    Town of Salem take NOTE!

  2. BRK says:

    My condolences to the family of this gentleman.

    I hope the Town of Salem will read DNR Warden Jason Roberts comments and end their consideration to allow ATVs on Town of Salem roadways.

  3. Jake says:

    Why is it so IMPORTANT to be able to drive a ATV on the road? You purchased this item for OFF ROAD use, or farm work.

    Is this something more than just to get to someplace in the area or is there a hidden agenda for getting to a BAR?!

    I will fight for NOT letting them on the roads, we have too many other issues with people incapable of actually obeying the driving laws or able to drive safely.

  4. Lynn Siferd says:


    Shame on you!!!!! He worked on a Farm!

  5. Jake says:

    Lynn, what I said was it should “be left to drive on a farm or in a designated area for the ATV’s” I don’t know the reason for him to be on the road, they aren’t for the road. That is what I am saying. Don’t shame me for his death.

  6. SJG says:

    Why hasn’t the name of the deceased still not been released?

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