Silver Lake Rescue Squad hosting pancake breakfast Sunday

sl-rescue-squad-backThe Silver Lake Rescue Squad will host a pancake breakfast on Sunday June 29 from 8 a.m. to noon at the rescue building, 209 E. Lake St. in Silver Lake.

There will be pancakes, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, sausage, juice, coffee, and milk.

Call 889-8093 with any questions.

This year’s proceeds are going towards purchase of a ZOLL Auto-Pulse Non invasive cardiac pump.



  1. Pete says:

    A fundraiser for a business?

  2. Really?? says:

    @One comment. Every year they do this. This year they also did a raffle. So more free money to their organization. Yet they couldn’t give back some of the money they “charge” to help out the community they continue to say they support.

  3. This is a joke says:

    Yea sure lets all go help SLRS! This is a joke there a for profit business! I can’t wait until we get rid of them and get real Paramedics from Salem

  4. To this is a Joke says:

    Right on. No reason not to have Paramedics in this day and age. Out with the old and in with the new and improved Salem.

  5. West of 45 Citizen says:

    You Guys got anything to say about all those volunteers they got at various Aurora Medical Facilities? Just look at the profit Aurora makes!…..YOU really need to get involved in the operation and function of your community and MAKE it work. Anybody can complain.

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    Hang on here folks……I think SLRS should be commended for trying to raise funds to help our community. They just donated an automatic Defibrillator to the SLPD to carry on the squad car. SLFD got SLAMMED for trying to raise funds for folks at Riverview School that might be in need. Let’s not apply that same small thinking to this fundraiser. SLRS…..good job….go for it…I support your efforts!

  7. Enola Smith says:

    Silver Lake Rescue Inc. How much more money could you possibly want
    from this community?? You have a Contract paid for by tax dollars, free property tax and you bill our insurance for basic care. Now you want to host a Flapjack Fundraiser ???? WOW!!!! BTW you might want to add a bar of Soap
    to your Menu for Sunday

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    @West of 45 Citizen: The “red coats” volunteers at Aurora Medical facilities do a wonderful job helping out patients and visitors. HOWEVER, they are NOT doctors, nurses, lab techs, physical therapists, and do NOT perform any of the medical duties that the PROFESSIONALS do! So you inference that “you need toget involved with the operation and function of our community and MAKE it work” is pretty weak. The MAJORITY of the “red coats” across the railroad tracks DO NOT live in our village. Putting on a red coat does not make me a “professional”. Wearing it to village board meetings and standing up and shouting does even less to enhance the image of the organization you are representing when you don the red jacket. Where is a “pink lady” when you need one!?

  9. Silver Lake Fan says:

    What don’t you dissolvers understand about NON PROFIT? Silver Lake Rescue is a non profit business. Their funds pay for minimal salaries, gasoline, electricity and heat for the building, and new ambulances. Their fund raisers help keep down the need to ask for tax dollars. Get out your wallets and enjoy the pancakes. Maybe you’ll meet a nice neighbor and find out what a terrific little village we have here. Maybe you’ll even find the desire to be a volunteer yourself.

  10. West of 45 Citizen says:

    Bernie, You totally missed my point.

  11. Help our “Brothers” Sunday with the Pancake Breakfast… not a political issue, SLRS has hosted a Breakfast for years!!! meeting new people is awesome, time and place for Political Debate.. This is NOT one of them.. Rock It Out Rescue!!!! See You Sunday!!!! and Thank You!!!!

  12. @ Silver Lake Fan says:

    Non profit??? Really??? SLRS charges for EVERY transport! They are nothing more then a private ambulance company, that thinks they have the right to do whatever they want! The money that they get goes to pay there staff and there cable, internet, pizza bills ect. They pay the same bills that any other business pays just like they should! It’s not taxpayers job to pay for your salary or pizza or your morning coffee! SLRS does not run this village! Salem Paramedics will provide us top level ALS care for a fraction of the cost SLRS charges! Salem acts in a professional manner and does not do back room deals like our current board

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well said, Branden Sellers! I hope to see many folks at the breakfast Sunday!

  14. Enola Smith says:

    Where was the help when the SLFD needed it?
    Did Silver Lake Rescue Inc. open that fat checkbook
    and help a “Brother” out ?? Instead of leaching from our
    community. So you boys have fun pumping that
    batter for your flapjacks !! I am now playing for the
    Team. Nov 4th can’t come soon enough!! BTW don’t
    forget that bar of soap on the silver platter ..

  15. Bernard Punsley says:

    Kudos to SLRS for a fine job with the pancake breakfast fundraiser. The food was good, camaraderie better, and it was all for a great cause. Nice job Rescue! I enjoyed myself and and sure everyone there did as well!

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