Bristol to try allowing one side street parking in Chaucer Woods

The Bristol Village Board is willing to try allowing parking on one side of the street in the Chaucer Woods subdivision.

The board voted unanimously Monday to change the village’s parking ordinance to allow parking on the even address number side of the subdivision’s road.

Chaucer residents have been seeking relief from the village’s standard no parking allowed on village roads.

The village considered enacting a permit process for parking during special occasions, but settled on the one side parking solution after some discussion.

Village officials emphasized that the change will apply only to Chaucer Woods streets (except for the cul-de-sac) and will be for a trial period of one year, after which it will be re-evaluated.

Once official, signs that now say no parking throughout the subdivision will be changed to reflect the new rule. Village administrator Randy Kerkman estimated the cost of the new signs to be about $300 total.


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