Silver Lake Firefighter’s Association donates money to local needy families

sl-firefighters-2014-donation-westThe Silver Lake Firefighter’s Association President Branden Sellers presented Riverview School Principal Andrea Zachary with a check for $800 for local needy families.

The money came from the proceeds of the association’s Memorial Day pancake breakfast, in addition to a donation from the association.

The Silver Lake Firefighter’s Association would like to thank everyone for their support and the volunteering of their time to help make this possible.



  1. Pete says:

    Thank you Brandon for doing something positive for the kids in need. Thank you to the fire department for once again volenteering their time.

  2. Happy Resident says:

    You firefighters are true hero’s. While under attack from the village board you still managed to help the needy. I talked to a firefighter that told me. We are here to help the citizens and not fund raise to supplement an under funded budget. It is the village boards responsibility to make sure we have enough money to operate. Job well done SLFD.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    Nice job Silver Lake Fire Department… guys and gals DO have the community interests in your hearts and souls. Thank you.

  4. Private Company wants Donations says:

    I got a flier in my mail box today. Silver Lake Rescue Squad a private business is asking for donations to supplement their income. Silver Lake Fire Department is giving $800.00 to the school to feed needy children. SLFD gives to the community and Silver Lake Rescue takes from the community. I am not going.

  5. EKeen says:

    While I think it’s great that the dept wants to give money into the community, why would they if the trucks theyre using aren’t operational because of the tires? Why wouldnt they get tired on the trucks with the money? All depts have fund raisers for equipment they need. At the time of the breakfast, they couldn’t get a truck out the door. Who made the decision to give the money away? I’m sick of hearring how the fire members seem to want to make people think it’s the boards fault when they do things like this. Why would they cancel the street dance that makes so much money? They couldnt bring themselves to ask for help from the community or the auxillary with it? They are trying to make people think they cant survive so people will vote to dissolve. They are only telling people the pros and not the cons. So many pissed off board members that didnt get reelected into office so I guess theyll show them. Open your eyes everyone.

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @EKeen……….this issue is about our firefighters donating THEIR time and efforts to raise funds to give to the less fortunate in our village. Firefighters helping others in need. That was CLEARLY stated in all of their publicity for the event.
    By your logic, the families from Riverview School should have been neglected, so the fire department could put TIRES on the fire trucks? And exactly HOW MANY tires were they going to purchase for $800? Let’s not forget, Roger Johnson said the tires were ok and new ones were not needed!!! While some of our firefighters marched in the Memorial Day parade(they had no fire truck to drive!)other firefighters with community help ran the fundraiser inside of the fire station. I personally enjoyed the parade, while they were making and selling breakfast. I also saw 3 squad cars on duty that day. 3. Do you think they were working for FREE…”volunteering” their time? Or do you think perhaps they were getting paid? Not knocking PD, but now EKeen wants to pound our firefighters for trying to help our neighbors? Who pays for the tires for squad cars, public works trucks, etc? The employees(PAID EMPLOYEES). Sorry EKeen…………..NOTE TO FIRE CHIEF KORDECKI: This is the kind of “community support” you can expect to see a lot more of! You will have your hands full….good luck!

  7. Bullied in Silver Lake says:

    To Branden Sellers and the rest of the members of the SLFD…..thanks for your efforts in helping the less fortunate in our community. Unfortunately, many members of our community believe this donation to those in need is an “entitlement” they are not deserving of. Don’t be swayed, continue your dedication and committment to our community. Stand TALL, Stand PROUD. Nobody can take that away from you.

  8. @EKaren says:

    EKaren or Karen Erb. You don’t get it and you never will you are the poster child of what is wrong with silver lake you are so tunnel visioned. How many tires do you think the $800 that was raised would buy? Did you go to the breakfast to support and help the fire dept ? I think not I didn’t see you. But sure as he$$ I bet you go will be at the rescue squads breakfast to support the private company’s fund raiser. It is clear that you are an anti fire dept supporter but you have the nerve to tell people to open their eyes but you and the people running the village have the least amount of vision.

  9. Riverview Review says:

    Under Roger Johnson’s “leadership”, SLFD could not get a fire truck to respond to a fire call at Riverview School. Now, some folks are UPSET that the firefighters ran a fundraiser to try and help out some folks in need at Riverview School. And some folks think our “village” is not in SERIOUS TROUBLE? You folks from “out of town” that are offering various solutions, my warning to you if you visit us is DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!!!! Picking on firefighters and school kids, 2 pretty popular hobbies in Silver Lake. (When Mr. Punsley is not getting bashed.)

  10. @eKeen says:

    I am not a member of the fire department, but helped with the fundraiser. How can you turn peaple raising money for needy kids into a bad thing? Brandon and his friends are just the type of peaple I want around me.

  11. to EKeen says:

    By your comments you have no clue how the village operates. SLFD is a municipal service that is funded by tax money. It is the responsibility if the board to make sure there is enough money for the service to operate. The firefighters are volunteers that make very little money and are swore officers of the village (employees). SLRS is private business that is contracted to VOSL. Its member are all paid and most do not live in Sliver Lake. The street dance does not make money. It causes problems and everyone else besides Wheatland has stop them. Many people have been injured or died after being at the dance and over doing it. Two year ago a man lost his leg in front of Uncle Georges. To much liability.

  12. @Private Company wants Donations says:

    What an idiotic comment. Then by your own admission no one should be donating money to other private companies like the VFW, March of Dimes, United Way, Salvation Army and the Red Cross to name just a few!

    You can’t even fathom the commitment their members have to helping this community. All the hours of volunteer time they put in (members are not paid to be there at night) and the fact that even though they have been attacked for 2 years by people like you, they don’t quit, but answer the call to help the people of our community.

    You say they don’t give back, well they just donated a $1000 AED to the PD for use in the village. Did you know every one of them took a pay cut 3 years ago and the officers have not accepted their small officers stipend since then in order to submit a 2 year (zero dollar) contract to the village so that the fire department could have an extra $54,000 when this all started?

    Jeff never brought the proposal to the floor because at the time they were sure Salem would be coming in to take over. .

    You really show the bile you have in your heart when you have to stoop to the level of attacking a non-profit organization created to help the surrounding communities. You get upset because many in the community have chosen to support the rescue squad, which is their right to do.

    For the past 4 years the old village board has been trying to get rid of SLRS, so you are upset that people of this village voted to remove those trusties and replace them with others that support the idea of keeping our local rescue squad and not dissolving. Why is that? Isn’t that what this country is all about? The people being able to choose their leaders by ballot? The people have voted out Jeff, Soti (twice), Paul, Barb, Dave, and Cyndi (albeit some quit or didn’t run again) and ELECTED Carolyn, Roger and Chris into office. Frankly I have NO PROBLEM with this new petition, just like the rescue petition, let the people vote for what they want.

    If you don’t want to come to their pancake breakfast, well then don’t go, that again is your choice, but don’t get upset because others may go. The money that people donate goes right back to the community for upgrades to their equipment which is used to better service those in need.

    To all the members of SLRS, I personally thank you for all the hard work, time and money you’ve saved us and the surrounding communities for decades. I’m sorry that some of the residents of this community have made it their mission to attack you and make you an escape goat for the problems this tiny village has. Be assured your commitment and service to us has not gone unnoticed.

  13. @The Dan & Dean Show says:

    Slow down and take a deep breath and let’s review of few of your comments.
    SLRS members took a “pay cut” and officers declined stipends so “the fire department could have an extra $54,000″……NOW THAT IS A STRETCH!!!
    “For the past 4 years, the village board has been trying to get rid of SLRS”
    REALLY? Seems to me the NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDATION of the “Bad Hoc” committee was to merge SLRS and SLFD TOGETHER, under one UNIFIED COMMAND, under the authority of the VILLAGE BOARD. IF that is “getting rid” of SLRS, that’s kind of a stretch. If SLRS would not have VEHEMENTLY RESISTED, both SLRS and SLFD would be STRONGER entities today. There was NEVER a discussion by the Ad Hoc Committee prior to presenting their options to the board about “getting rid of SLRS”. NEVER. The alternatives sought(Salem, Antioch, etc) only were pursued after OPTION ONE fell through.
    As far as the poor SLRS members being “attacked” by some members of the community, if you have never been to a village board meeting and witnessed the shouting and screaming coming from the “red jackets” and their verbal supporters from the back of the room, you need to attend and witness the show. As far as SLRS being the “escape goat for the problems this tiny village has”, guess you have not been paying attention to the POUNDING SLFD has been taking! Can I get some “sour grapes” on my pancakes?

  14. Really?? says:

    @private company wants donations. At this point, three years later, after they took the pay cut to give back to the community, they have never stopped charging the village their 27K. So not only are they taking money from the village to pay for a service, which they reap the benefits, but they have also taken away money from their employees, who “volunteer” so much for them. Another great organization to work for, NOT!!!

  15. MOUNTAIN OF CASH says:

    Perhaps Rescue’s cash reserves are getting low,and they need to build up that “mountain of cash” they are sitting on in their “free” building across the railroad tracks!

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