New SL Chief releases clarifying statement regarding support from other departments


Chief Dave Kordecki, SLFD

Newly appointed Silver Lake Fire Department Chief David Kordecki released the following statement, which he says clarifies some statements made at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting:

To the citizens of Silver Lake:

I want to clarify something that was said during trustee Johnsons motion to appoint me as Fire Chief. During Trustee Johnsons motion he mentioned that I had the full support of Chief Mike Slover from the Town of Salem as well as full support from the Town of Randall Fire Dept. While I feel Mr Johnson did not mis-speak on purpose the statements made were not what we had discussed. I had spoke with Mr. Johnson prior to the meeting and in that discussion I mentioned that I felt that if I spoke to both parties mentioned , we would have their support in getting the fire department back on track. I apologize for this and I also apologize to the members at the Town Of Randall fire Department as well as Chief Slover and the members on The Town of Salem Fire Department. While I know this will be spun all different ways and possibly taken out of context keep in mind this was truly just a misunderstanding.


Dave Kordecki

Fire Chief

Silver Lake Fire Department



  1. Living in Silver Lake says:

    Make no mistake about it chief. This is what we have been putting up with half truths from politicians. I feel in the future you will have to be apologizing often for them. Good luck you will need it because they will turn on you shortly.

  2. In silver lake says:

    Nothing against Dave but the hiring process is wrong. To not even look at a qualified female applicate from our own village is wrong. I think we need to look for village board applicates from outside town so they are not tainted. Maybe it was because she was a female and would have been the first female chief in Kenosha county.

  3. Done with this board says:

    The last three people that applied to the FD we’re turned down by the board because of offenses that we’re no worse than the ones the new chief committed.
    How can the FD rebuild if the board does not allow people to join. It is all part of their master plan to sell the FD to the Rescue Squad. Quit wasting time. The board can not balance their own check book. Contract with the professionals from Salem Fire. The new chief has already started defending the boards lies. The only way is to start fresh with Salem.

  4. Keeping Score in Silver Lake says:


  5. Out of Towner says:

    Speaking of budget – The last “budget” posted the the village website is the 2011 actual/2012 proposed. And this “budget” is a simple 1 page document with only a few very vague income and expense line items. Are more recent & detailed budgets available? As an outsider this seems like a lack of transparency and would concern me if I was a village resident. Especially considering neighboring communities like Twin Lakes publish 80+ page budgets to the general public that outline in GREAT DETAIL the operating & financing activities of the local government. Granted, they are a larger community but regardless of size this is something all residents should be entitled to IMO.

  6. Ughh says:

    Someone in the comments got it right! Maybe our board should be selected from out of town. We shouldn’t have any “pro” or “against” Silver Lake people running this village. The board is a joke. The town is in shambles because of this board and boards from the past 15 years. Its time for an entirely new direction!

  7. Clear As Mud says:

    Thanks for “clarifying” that, Dave.

  8. Out of towner says:

    May I ask why my comment was censored?

    1. I’m not sure what you are referring to here. Some comments are not allowed out of moderation because they violate one or more of our prohibitions against unsubstantiated allegations of illegal behavior, personal attacks, name calling, libel etc. If there is a violation, the whole comment is held and does not appear. We do not edit comments. If you properly filed a comment and it does not appear, it is because it violated a standard. Look soon for a published policy for comments.

  9. to "in silver lake" says:

    you said “to not even look at a qualified female applicant from our own village is wrong” What “QUALIFIED” female applicant are you talking about? It’s pretty sad when those who care so greatly for the fire department and Village, the same ones who tout themselves as experts because they’ve worked in Kenosha for year,,,,are to cowardly to step up and become the chief. They would rather throw a poor young lady who is nowhere ready to do the job. (not trying to put her down, just look at her qualifications they listed) It really shows their true colors.

  10. Bernard says:

    Dave…”this was just a misunderstanding”…..your own words. Maybe it was Your plan to speak with surrounding departments and seek their support is a vaild one. That is NOT what Roger Johnson said. He will deny it, despite the video recording of his words and all the folks sitting in the audience that heard him say it. I’m not sure how it could be “taken out of context” My point, be careful next time you are proposing something to a board member. You might have wanted to do a little homework and see what happened to both of your predecessors. I wish you better luck than they had. And if you think the SLFD has the support of the community, you probably weren’t listening to some of the comments made during “citizens comments’. If you can convince your troops that the village board and SLRS are all willing to work together to make SLFD stronger, then go for it. You already got “burned” once. Watch your backside!

  11. i'M SORRY says:

    Mr. Kordecki had no problem with interrupting the meeting when certain facts were given out regarding his background….why, would he not interrupt when Mr. Johnson was making incorrect statements? This worries me, as not correcting a misconception at the time it is made is just as bad as not correcting it at all. And after the meeting, Mr. Kordecki stated to several people that he did have that backing….so compounding a misconception is ok?

  12. One Call That's All says:

    @i’M SORRY: Mr. Kordecki did in fact interupt the meeting several times to “defend” his legal issues, without being recognized by the chairperson. Remember, at the beginning of the meeting, Sue Gerber pointed out that after Citizens Comments, NO PUBLIC COMMENT from the audience would be allowed, and that those violating that rule would be asked to leave by the police chief. In fact, the chief did have to get up and ask one audience member to please refrain from commenting. My point? That rule did not apply to Mr. Kordecki. Pat Dunn was trying to avoid any embarassment to both Mr. Kordecki and Roger Johnson. The video clearly shows Mr. Kordick interupting Mr. Dunn several times as he read off the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg list of legal “issues” that Mr. Kordecki has faced in the past. They ARE public record. Were they listed on the job application? Ooops..sorry, there was NO job application, the fire chief is not a village employee, per Sue Gerber. Also on the video! Compounding a misconception is akin to confounding the confounded. Mr. Kordecki will fit in just fine in Silver Lake.

  13. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow says:

    I would like our new fire chief to explain his position on facial hair(beards, goatees, etc) that interfere with firefighters breathing apparatus face piece seals. The National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) doe not allow any hair that would impact the facepiece seal. Most fire departments have annual testing of both the breathing apparatus, which included the firefighter wearing the facepiece while testing is conducted. We just went through trying to replace our outdated SCBA awhile back, remember that? As a Training Officer, I would expect our chief to be aware of this requirement. As a Fire Captain, I would expect that he would enter a burning structure wearing SCBA as part of his normal on scene duties. I know he cannot address this issue via West of the I,but either it’s a safety issue or it is not. Maybe or village attorney could address it.

  14. One Call That's All says:

    Ring ring ring……….”Hello”…..'”Roger?….this is Dave……can I be your fire chief”?
    “OK……come to the board meeting Wednesday night”. “Will do, bye”.
    One Call……..That’s ALL!

  15. Where is "THE ROCK"? says:

    Where is “THE ROCK”????????? I believe he/she could shed some valued light on the circumstances surrounding the fire chief “selection process” in Silver Lake.

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