Silver Lake names a new fire chief


Silver Lake has a new fire chief. David Kordecki, Wheatland fire captain.

Dave Kordecki contacted board member Roger Johnson. Johnson says Kordecki is an excellent candidate for chief because “he’s an impartial party, with no ties to this community, or stands to take sides, or act on someone else’s agenda, other than his own. He has the support of his comrades from Randall Fire, Wheatland Fire and Chief Michael Slover. He has a vision and a plan for saving money, raising money, getting Silver Lake Fire Department up and running as a fully functional department.” He also stated that Kordecki would like to Work with and strengthen a partnership with Silver Lake Rescue Squad. “He also wants to work with the board not against them.”

Pat Dunn asked if he vetted him. He then read a list of encounters with the law, including operating without insurance, operating on a suspended driver’s license, and disorderly conduct.

The discussion became more about the process than the candidate.

Sue Gerber, “no chief has ever been put through the hiring process.”

Dunn “that’s right, the fire department has always chosen…”

Gerber “the village board has the authorization and authority to appoint a chief to this fire department.”

Dunn “We don’t do backroom handshake deals in order to get somebody in charge of one of our departments.”

Gerber ”this was not a backdoor deal.”

Dunn “When Roger Johnson takes an application from an individual without bringing it before the board, for an interview, for vetting, it is a backdoor handshake deal.”

Gerber ”is that something how you worked with Antioch?”

Dunn “I did not work with Antioch.”

Attorney Linda Gray confirmed that they did have the authorization to appoint.

Michael Decker and Sabrina Moran expressed interest in knowing who the fire department selected. Pat Dunn revealed it was Allison Draeger, who has over seven years with department.

During citizen comments, former chief Roger Pattie said the fire department had selected a candidate. He said during the last 87 years, the fire department has always elected their chief. The board has never said no to the department’s selection. “This board has never appointed a fire chief.” Pattie said when he contacted Johnson last week, he was told it was too late.

Gerber “an impartial person needs to be brought in to this community to work things out. If we continue to filter different people from the same group of people, were just going to keep spinning our wheels and keep going with the same pattern we have been.”

Motion by Johnson, second by Dodge, passed 5 – 2 Dunn and Decker.

After the vote, Dunn stated “This is a joke” as he got up and left.

Johnson stated the current fire department roster has 20 people, with 12 having Firefighter I or II certifications.

Kordecki said after the meeting that he isn’t concerned with the legality of the appointment. If it isn’t, he’ll step step down. He isn’t accepting the payment. His concern is moving forward. “We’re going to get guys in these trucks, and were going to respond to Village calls.”

Kordecki vows to work with Silver Lake Rescue Squad. with SLRS Chief Bob Johnson

Kordecki vows to work with Silver Lake Rescue Squad. with SLRS Chief Bob Johnson

Some of his qualifications:

FFI, FFII, Hazmat OPS, Driver/Pump operator, First Responder, Wisconsin DNR Wildland Fire Fighting certification, Wisconsin licensed sprinkler inspector.

A clarification. Fire will be responding for fire and rescue calls.







  1. Fighting Bob says:

    No, Mr. Done you are the joke.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    To the members of the Silver Lake Fire Department: The picture of your new “Fire Chief” and the SLRS Chief shaking hands, smiling, should pretty much put things into perspective for you. Stay STRONG, BROTHERS AND SISTERS….

  3. Ughh says:

    Well, this should certainly be interesting!

  4. Crystal says:

    I’m embarrassed to be a resident of Silver Lake.

  5. Bullied in Silver Lake says:

    Our new “fire chief” made sure to point out to the Kenosha News “Im not here to bully anyone”. Really? Why the need to reassure us of that…..cuz that’s what bullies do!!

  6. Worried Firefighter says:

    Well, the village of Silver Lake board’s fire chief selection process has officially made SLFD the laughingstock of the county! A sad day for our fire department, what were you surrounding department’s thinking? BROTHERHOOD? More like “FARKLEHOOD”. A shame.

  7. maureen says:


  8. Longtime Resident says:

    Welcome New Fire Chief Kordecki to Silver Lake!
    It will be good for the Village to have an impartial and forward thinking Chief who will try and work with others!
    Congratulations and Good Luck!

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    This question is for every Fire Chief in Kenosha County. Just curious. When you were named Fire Chief of your department, did you have to: fill out an application, take any type of written exam, participate in an assessment center, be elected by the members of your department, compete against other qualified candidates, submit to any psychological testing, drug testing, police background check, be interviewed by members of the governing body of your local community(police and fire commission, village board, town board, etc.), or did you just pick up the phone and call a village board member and tell him “Hey, I can help you out here, I’m your guy”. I’ll ask the same question to the members of all of the fire departments in Kenosha County. How was YOUR Fire Chief selected. The members of the Silver Lake Fire Department, for the first time in 87 years, were not only not able to select their Fire Chief, their candidate was not even considered. Reminds me of the lawyer commercial…..”one call, that’s all”……and you are “INSTANT FIRE CHIEF” in Silver Lake. Not only had the Silver Lake village board not even MET the candidate they were voting on, they had not even interviewed him!
    They relied soley upon the recommendation of Roger Johnson. I’m guessing just about every firefighter in Kenosha county reading this had to undergo SOME type of FORMAL procedure to become a member of the department that you currently serve. And I’m guessing you are probably proud of the fact that you “made the cut” wear the badge of whatever department you are on. And you should be proud. If you just picked up the phone and called a local politician and said “hey, I’m your guy/gal? and they pinned a fire department badge on your chest, you might be able to fool your folks, but you’re not gonna fool the rest of us that EARNED ours. One Call…..That’s ALL!

  10. I'm Your Puppet says:

    I’m still humming that oldies tune today…”I’m your puppet”…….good song.

  11. One Call That's All says:

    I must admit I am relieved that our new SLFD “leader” has the support of the Salem Fire and Rescue Chief. That dovetails nicely into the Resolve to Dissolve movement which continues to grow daily. When our fire department becomes part of the Salem Fire/Rescue department, that mutual support both leaders have for each other should assist in a smooth transition. In fact, reading our new leaders Facebook page, that’s exactly what he proposed.Dont’ believe me? Read it yourself. One Call, That’s All.

  12. Chain of Fools says:

    Remember the old song “Chain Chain Chain…..Chain of Fools”…..a nice tune.

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