Silver Lake FD has a new fire chief

David Kordecki of Wheatland Fire Department was appointed chief of the Silver Lake Fire Department tonight.



  1. is there a department still standing? says:

    well, is there?

  2. Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    Just an observation….the village board approved 2 bartender licenses pending background checks by the police department, a common procedure. Yet by Roger Johnson’s own admission, no background check was done for the fire chief position. Seems odd.

  3. New Chief says totally unbiased says:

    However, he said himself that he found out about the job because his cousin is on the board??!!!

  4. Unbelievable says:

    Go figure, the board approved a knucklehead that has never been in a leadership roll ever. I have talked to many people that all had one thing to say about Mr. Kordecki, he is the one that departments and employer do their best to get rid of! I am sorry for the citizens of the village because it won’t be long before it’s all good ole boys and beer in the fire house again. This man has never lead a group of people before, he only got the position because he knows Roger Johnson and everyone beside the chief that retired refused to take on the roll. The members of the department best watch their backs because he will put them in jeopardy, I have seen this man in action. Again, should have seen this coming…. I wish the members of the Silver Lake Fire Dept the best of luck and if I were the local Fire Chiefs in the area I would definitely remove the SLFD and it’s chief from their MABAS cards, I know I will be in my Fire Chief’s ear in the morning.

  5. Sarah says:

    Judging a person by his past isn’t fair. Who he was then isn’t who he is now. Lol definitely not a party boy or drinker anymore. Know the facts first.

  6. dave kordecki says:

    ok im going to make one long statement on here. I will not engage anyone here in verbal warfare nor will i bash anyone here. Now to address the comments above. First of all last I checked being a captain, the training officer,and being the EMS Service director constitutes being a leader. Yes I may not have been a chief in the past but neither has the candidate the fire dept proposed. Im not going to engage in talking about anybody’s personal life, past history or financial situations and I would appreciate if everyone here would leave my personal life and past alone. No one commenting here knows me my family or what I stand for. I also was never aware of any rules on employment or anything like that. I volunteered my services months ago to just help out as a firefighter and got no response. I reached out to the village to help. Im not the bad guy here people. Im trying to come in and end a problem that has been going on too long. My cosuin is not on the board by the way. The person from Kenosha news asked me if i was related a another Kordecki. I responded yes. The kenosha news person knew my cousin. I never said thats how i heard about it. I heard about it because im obviously on another dept and everybody from here to Milwaukee knows whats going on in the village. You guys that are against me before you even know me, can say what you need. Obviously time will tell if im a good investment or not. I do want to point out that people werent exactly lining up to be the chief of your fire dept for obvious reasons. I want to clarify this was not a back room handshake. I inquired we talked and at the time no one else was presented by the dept or anyone for the job. Again I dont know your villages laws, resolutions or ordinances, how can this be my fault? I have one goal everyone and thats to build back up the fire dept. Thats it. Say what you want im very thick skinned. If anyone wants to discuss any issues with me or the dept than contact me. One more thing please consider the fact that I have a family just like anyone else lets keep the mud slinging to a minimum. It sounds to me like the issues are with the board not me. Oh and by the way Im am far from the good ole boys club referring to beer in the fire house. Everyone wants a professional dept and thats what is coming. Wheatland does not allow beer in the firehouse so you are obviously mis-infomed that was gone when the current chief took office and if you’ve seen me in action thats pretty funny you dont put up your name. I can almost guarantee I know who you are but thats fine you can all say what you need just dont drag my family through the mud. What happened to brotherhood? I come in to try and help out another dept and this is what i get for wanting to try?

  7. dave kordecki says:

    One more thing. I will not be commenting here anymore. If anyone has an issue with myself or any concerns they can contact me through the fire dept.

  8. Congrats Dave says:

    I personally know Mr. Kordecki. I went through EMR class with him and might I say the comments against him are very Un – educated ones. I know Dave as an extremely level headed, well rounded in the fire service, successful business owner, and most importantly a problem solver. For someone to step up to the plate here willing to grab the issues with the board head on and make something great out of SLFD, he should be thanked. I give him so much credit. And yes bad driving record? Okay forgot everyone here was perfect. Time to stop digging up dirt and giving credit where it’s due. I have the upmost confidence in you Chief Kordecki. STAY SAFE BROTHER !

  9. Dennis says:

    Judging a person based on their past is ridiculous. We have had many great leaders throughout history with a questionable past local or nationally. I give Mr Kordecki credit for stepping up and taking over,cause it takes alot of effort to lead a team. Most people won’t have the guts to step up and become a leader, because they aren’t qualified enough or have what it takes. Obviously he does, otherwise he wouldn’t be in that position.

  10. Concerned Firefighter says:

    With all due respect to the new Fire Chief, as a Fire Captain and Training Officer, how do you manage to pass the annual NFPA required SCBA facepiece testing procedure with a full goatee? Is that not a safety hazard? My department does not allow any facial hair that interferes with our breathing apparatus. Not trying to be critical here, just pointing out what I believe to be a serious violation of safety protocol here. If you showed up on my fireground scene, the Incident Commander would not allow you to enter a burning structure. I know you won’t respond to this comment but perhaps some other firefighters can address this.

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    @dave kordecki: In reponse to your comment that you will not be putting anymore posts on West of the I, ah…..yeah ya will……your ego won’t allow you not to. You already took a shot at “your” firefighters for the candidate they elected….”neither has the candidate the fire department proposed”(regarding having any fire chief experience”. Just remember, “Chief”, the fire department never got to propose “their candidate”, the resolution the board voted on did not include the fire department candidate, only you. As Jack Webb(Dragnet) used to say”Just the facts”.

  12. Bullied in Silver Lake says:

    I find it ironic that Roger Johnson asserts our new Fire Chief has the full support of the Wheatland FD, the Randall FD, and the Salem Fire Chief. While he might have that support, that means those members had to at least be consulted on the selection of Mr. Kordecki. The irony lies in the fact that the Silver Lake firefighters were not “consulted”.

  13. Music To My Ears says:

    Anybody remember that oldies tune by James and Bobby Purify…”I’m your puppet”. Think I’ll be humming that song all day long.

  14. Usually, says:

    Usually, there is a job posting, a list of required qualifications a due date on submission. Perhaps those people who do know the rules of engagement were waiting for the official actions of the village before submitting letters of interest? Job Postings are customary in the big boy world. They usually include definitions of responsibility and accountability. Followed by interviews (perhaps several) by the Emergency Services committee members (plural) and then full background checks and audits of social media. (There are some surprises there! )

    Judging a person by their past? That is done all the time. That is why employers look at resumes and get references and why bartenders get background checks before they are licensed. Getting three bids on a large purchase for either cost or form is considered acceptable; Unless it is in the village.

    One thing is clear to me, the Village of Silver Lake doesn’t know how to act professionally. They continue repeatedly to mis-step. Yes, the attorney said that the Village Board can appoint. She did not comment on the legality of how they went about determining the appointment. Someone should ask her that.

    There is a push to dissolve the village government. The board activity of last night, Wednesday the 18th, can only advance the positive vote.

  15. Branden Sellers says:

    Everything Looks brighter with a little sleep…..lets us Congratulate our new Fire Chief.. for Company #61 David Kordecki. regardless of circumstances New Chief!! Honor the Position. lets move forward in Silver Lake with EMS ..

  16. unbelievable says:

    @Dave Kordecki, let me just say that I highly doubt you have all those chieff’s backings but hey if you say so. All I can say is good luck becomming the newest muppet!!

  17. Melissa says:

    All of this bashing is ridiculous. I say we give our new fire chief the chance to show/prove that he is the one fit for the job. All anyone can do is give him the chance to prove himself. Everyone has a past and no one’s past is perfect but everyone’s past shapes them into the person they are and he deserves the chance to prove he’s the person right for the job. Anyone would deserve the same courtesy.

  18. Bernard Punsley says:

    Branden: With all due respect, the position has been tainted. I respect your committment to the SLFD and the community and the passion you show. This fiasco is going to deteriorate rapidly, don’t get caught in the “backdraft”. Dave Kordecki is the fire chief, so be it. SLFD got slapped in the face BIG TIME last night by the board. Time to move forward….you bet..RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE!

  19. kimmy says:

    It really is a shame when people can only look at a persons past, experience, or if they will fail instead of congratulating a person on an accomplishment! Give him a chance and stand by your chief supporting him, being a time, because in order to save and protect the community our firefighters, ems, and first responders have to work as team and notaagainst each other!! And what I have seen from Dave he is an amazing firefighter always there on scene, always volunteering, always helping out, trying to help the community, and when the the calls come in he’s out the door within seconds now that’s a dedicated firefighter who wants to be a part of the team and save and protect the community! Someone who deserves to be the cheif!! I don’t know Dave personally but I grew up with his wife and I know he has to have a huge heart because it takes a lot to be a lot to be a firefighter!! A BIG APPRECIATION TO THE FIREFIGHTERS YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND KEEP ALL OF US SAFE WHILE RISKING YOUR LIFE AND NOT KNOWING IF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR FAMILIES WE APPRECIATE YOUR COURAGE AND PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE!!


  20. Longtime Resident says:

    Perhaps the mudslingers, nay-sayers, and good ole boys need to let go and move on!
    It’s time the few Village residents stopped criticizing anything and everything without providing any constructive comments!
    After all if you’re not part of the solution YOU are definitely part of the PROBLEM!
    This Community needs to return to improving our Village and stop crabbing about all the problems!

  21. optimist says:

    All arguments and sour feelings aside, this new fire Chief needs backing and support to lead a team of fine men and women that are in place to help the members of the community in times of disaster and emergency. One can only hope that a community would rally behind whomever was selected and work towards a strong and sustainable fire company. Let Mr. Kordecki’s actions moving forward be what defines him.

  22. not so perfect, like everyone else says:

    “Let he who be without sin cast the first stone.”
    This country is a land of new beginnings and a chance to better oneself, so why are people casting stones at Dave for doing that? All small towns and villages suffer from the same hen clucking and political sickness. Go to any one of them and ask around, really ask around and you’ll see that it is true. Quit putting so much effort into trying destroying the reputation of a man who has chosen to step up and lead and help. Think about what you are doing. You are mudslinging now, but when you need help suddenly he will be your lifeline, your best friend per se. Grow up. This string is a blatant example of the decline of humanity.

  23. Bernard Punsley says:

    @not so perfect, like everyone else”…….you mention “this string is a blatant example of the decline of humanity”…..the only “String” we are concerned about is the one that Roger will be pulling as he controls our new fire “chief”.

  24. In Silver Lake says:

    What people do not see. The last three firefighters that applied to the FD we’re not allowed to be on the department because of their past activities. The board said no and their offenses were about the same as the new chief. Call the board out on it. Better yet just get rid of them and be done with this screwed up government. We must go outside the boarders of Silver Lake to find qualified board members. No talent can be found it this 1.5 square mile area.

  25. Pete says:

    It is also the same board that doesn’t have money for fire truck tires but has it for bug spray and music in the park.

  26. some people are knuckle heads says:

    Your all wrong dave is right. End of discussion. Most of the people commenting on here (and keep in mind I said “most” not “all”) are people who don’t have facts straight, have only heard rumors, and someone said he has never lead people in a fd position (which he has, ems captain, captain of his fd) so what! We all have to start somewhere! And he didn’t get it because he knew roger,, he got it because he knows his stuff and is not somebody who spend they’re time on the internet whining about how they don’t like the things they hear (that are most likely rumors) if things are so bad then speak up make a psoition of yourself in the real world. And fyi, a few misdameanors from being young shouldn’t stop somebody from being able to make a name for themselves.

  27. Chief News says:

    @some people are knuckleheads: You mention folks spending time on the internet. Did you watch Dave’s Facebook video? I haven’t read anything that said he does not “know his stuff”. The PROBLEM is that the “selection process” was a joke. Find me a single department in Kenosha County, where a guy calls up a single supervisor, tells him “I’m your man”, and he is HIRED. Was there a job posting per village policy? Did Dave even fill out a job application? Was there an interview with any type of selection committee? What other candidates, if any, was he competing against? Was there a testing procedure:written, oral interview, job assessment center……..ANYTHING other than “calling up Roger Johnson”? Was there a background check, drug test, checking out references(he did fill out a job application, right?). Ask yourself this question: Did the village board members at least INTERVIEW the candidate BEFORE the meeting he was “hired” at, or had they never met him before? I will admit, Mr. Kordecki was not responsible for any of this(the hiring procedure). But that’s how he “got through the net”. That shows just how out of tune the village board is with daily operations of not only our village, but our fire department as well. And how LITTLE they care. Defend your pal all you want. He had to do that 2 days later after Roger Johnson lauded him for all of the support he had from surrounding fire departments and fire chiefs. Another “rumor”? And as for “knowing his stuff”……how does he get to wear a beard and breathing facepiece while firefighting in violation of NFPA requirements? Will he allow his firefighters to do the same? Another rumor?

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