Silver Lakes OKs new supply of mosquito spray

Center for Disease Control photo. Public domain.

Center for Disease Control photo. Public domain.

If you live in Silver Lake and have found yourself slapping mosquitoes lately, the Village Board took a n action Wednesday you will likely heartily approve of.

The Village Board agreed Wednesday to buy 12 cases of mosquito spray.

“It’s that time of year we need to purchase our mosquito spray,” said Trustee Chris Willkomm.

The spray will cost about $3,900. That’s a little less than last time, when 12 cases costs the village $4,100, Willkomm said.



  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Let me get this straight. It’s been over 4 weeks while our board battled to come up with $5900 to partially restore tires to 2 of our fire trucks, but we have $3900 for MOSQUITO SPRAY??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVE SILVER LAKE FORWARD….DISSOLVE NOW!!

  2. Walter Thomas Feathers says:

    I think that the Town should focus on the emergency services for the town instead of buying MOSQUITO SPRAY. Let the residents worry about that…..just saying.

  3. Ughh says:

    Are you kidding me?? Has anyone once thought “this stuff really works!” No!! Because it doesn’t. I’m swatting mosquito’s during and after they spray. This is a complete waste of money, money that should go towards the emergency vehicles in town. Does ABYONE on that village board have any common sense?? Did someone dump stupid in the water supply in town here??Seriously, what is really going on here???

  4. Branden Sellers says:

    We were at that meeting… Trustee W. spent 10+ minutes explaining, and patting himself on the back… with the proposal…..eyes lighting up around me.. thinking the mosquito issue garnered more interest to the Board .. than EMS. truly SAD.

    Well.. we are blanketed with deet……. but if you have “Smoke showing Side A……” we are at the mercy of MABAS as our primary plan to combat our fire tetrahedron dilemma…… making our residents feeling warm and fuzzy with our current Board.

  5. Branden Sellers says:

    ya know…… the (Pic) lil’ mosquito is growing on me!!!!! Let Us put Her in Charge of Silver Lake!!!!!! I think we would get more accomplished….. just saying!

  6. Bristol Resident says:

    Here in Bristol, we share our mosquito spraying machine with Paddock Lake and Salem. All 3 communities share in the cost. We also contract with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s department for additional patrols, have a staffed EMS rescue squad, and have our village public works employees cross trained as firefighters to answer calls during daytime shortages. It works for us. Perhaps it might work for Silver Lake as well.

  7. You can't make this stuff up! says:

    Unbelievable, the idiocy of the priorities of this board. This story really should not get any more comments. You cannot defend or support this. It speaks for itself.

  8. Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    This really BUGS me!

  9. Volunteers? says:

    Of course Branden, GG, and Bernard-o will be against Mosquito spray…….. they only show up for a cause if there is a hint of a pay out involved. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with a plan to have residents pay for a couple “fire fighters” to ride along with the mosquito mobile, in case there is a fire, flat tire, etc.

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Volunteers? Ah….I never commented on this issue. The “payout” goes to the public works employees who drive the truck with the sprayer on it…being paid OVERTIME. Or are they gonna “volunteer”? Maybe they could stick the sprayer machine in the back of a SLRS ambulance and they could drive through the village spraying for mosquitos. Now THERE is a plan!

  11. Volunteers? says:

    @ Bernard-o…….. just making a point that those who cry the loudest, You, Braden, and GG,, are the ones who won’t lift a finger unless there is something in it for them. Maybe you can get help for you SLRS envy complex?

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