Rep. Kerkman gives Law Day tour to students

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem) met with students, law enforcement officers, and American Legion members for the annual Kenosha County Law Day in Madison on May 8, 2014. Video footage of the tour provided by Rep. Kerkman can now be viewed here.

Viewers will receive an inside look into Wisconsin’s capitol, including the Supreme Court and the Governor’s Conference Room. While speaking about meeting with the students for Law Day, Rep. Kerkman explained, “It’s an honor to come here to Madison every week and to share this with other people is always a wonderful experience. This is a way to get people involved not only here, but at the local level. When people see this building sometimes they then decide to get involved civically.”

Kenosha County Law Day is an important way for students to learn more about local and state government and encourages those with an interest in government to become involved. Rep. Kerkman explains how events such as this had an important impact on her own decision to enter into politics, which affirms her commitment to keeping students engaged through office visits, tours, and visits to classrooms.


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