Silver Lake Firefighter’s Association to host pancake breakfast May 26

pancakes-eggs-sausage-istock-webThe Silver Lake Firefighter’s Association will be hosting a pancake breakfast at the Fire Station 113 S. First St., Silver Lake, on Monday, May 26, from 6 a.m. until noon, before and after the Memorial Day Parade.

Served will be pancakes, sausage, eggs, and orange juice, milk or coffee. All you can eat for only: Adults $7 ; Kids (4-12) $4; 3 and under free.

The event will also include an auction.

Breakfast is to be served by local firefighters. Proceeds will benefit needy families in the community.



  1. just say no! says:

    I think the community should treat the fire fighters like they have been treating us lately and not show up for this or any fund raiser they have. They should be ashamed of themselves for skipping fire calls and choosing to act like babies.

  2. To just say no says:

    You really have no idea what is going on. Your firefighters are volunteers. There is not many of them. The fund raiser is for needy children at Riverview school. Your fire department does not do fund raiser for themselves. They do it to help others. You should help them so they can help others. I did not see you helping. People like you are the problem. Silver Lake Rescue does fund raiser so they can pay their pay roll.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well, once again folks, the “goon factor” has managed to slip into this website. “Bernie” was chastised for picking on folks. You firefighters in the community already know the challenges that you are up against, and most of you know where that dribble is coming from. The funds raised by the firefighters will go help out those in need in our community…NOT the firefighters. Yet this “blow hard”(careful “Bernie) chastises the firefighters and advises “not showing up for any fund raiser that they have”. I continue to ask..when was the last time the SLPD had to flip burgers or brats to pay for their bullets, or the public works guys sell cotton candy and popcorn at the Memorial day parade to pay for tires for their dump trucks, or the village clerk hold a bakery sale to buy paper clips and yellow legal pads for the office……why are our firefighters expected to do so(and risk their lives as well). And when they hold a fundraiser for the needy families in our community, they are LAMBASTED for it! And to “just say no”….you don’t think the community has ALREADY been DUMPING on our fire fighters? You have to suggest they continue to do it? I predict this pancake fundraiser will be one of the most successful in recent years. “Just say GO… the fundraiser!

  4. Bullied in Silver Lake says:

    I’m with Bernard on this one! I say let’s support our efforts by our firefighters to help those out in need in our community. They can’t even hold a pancake breakfast without getting lampooned for it. geez……..

  5. Why pick on others? says:

    Why bring up the police department or the rescue squad into this? Did they refuse to do their jobs recently like SLFD did?

  6. Allie Draeger says:

    Thank you to everyone who support us & are behind us…we still need donations for our auction & volunteers, please let us know if your able to do so, thank you again & hope to see you all there.

  7. The problem says:

    This is really incredible. The village board is so “anti” fire department that they stoop to childish levels and make comments on here about how the firefighters don’t show up. Maybe its because the firefighters are afraid of being arrested by the village police officers just for being in the building! The “queen” as she is so often referred to as, should be impeached, and the board should be removed immediately! They don’t care one bit for the village. They are do nothings!

  8. Salem Fire Department is closer says:

    Mr. Johnson has done it again. Another bad decision. First he has all Silver Lake firefighters removed and locked out of the station. Now he contracts with Randall and Wheatland Fire for service. This is wrong. Salem is staff 24-7 and are closer to Silver Lake. Randall drives through 1.5 miles of Salem to get to Silver Lake and Wheatland drive through 1 mile of Salem to get to Silver Lake. Where is the thinking at Randall and Wheatland. Wake up you both are not manned.

  9. Name calling? says:

    To “the problem”, why is it whenever someone disagrees with the SLFD group, they are called names? Perhaps people in the village have grown tired of paying the bills for a fire department that has mismanaged thousands of taxpayer dollars over the years. Was it the “queen” who burned the fire station down?

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