ATV riders present proposed routes to Salem

The Salem Oaks/Montgomery Lake routes.

The Salem Oaks/Montgomery Lake routes.

Advocates of allowing use of ATVs on Salem town roads have presented the Salem Town Board with proposals for designated routes in three enighbrohoods as a starting point for allowing wider use of the vehicles.

The board discussed the issue at a committee of the whole meeting Monday night.

Casey said after meeting with the state Department of Natural Resources on the issue, that it was suggested that the town focus on a few routes to see how it works before throwing open more access to ATVs.

Town Chairman Diann Tesar said she had planned to ask the residents favoring ATV use to develop some routes, but the residents beat her to the punch by bringing the route in.

The proposed routes are located in the Val-Mar subdivision, the Timberline neighborhood along Center Lake and the Salem Oaks and Lake Montgomery neighborhoods.

The board and Casey said they would like to take some additional time to review the routes. When all routes and restrictions such as speed limits are decided on, Casey suggested having a public hearing where all neighborhood residents could view the proposal and voice their opinions.

“I think you need to hear from all of these neighborhoods,” Casey said.

Whatever regulations might be created would be enforced by the town, said Salem Public Safety Officer David Shortess. He said his conversations with the DNR indicated that extensive signage will be necessary, which he estimated to cost about $5,000.

The ATV advocates said they are willing to raise money to pay for needed signage.

The Timberline neighborhood routes.

The Timberline neighborhood routes.

The Val-Mar Subdivision routes.

The Val-Mar Subdivision routes.


One Comment

  1. Jerry Leslie says:

    This Group which inclues Board members, Walworth as a ordinace for ATVS .they
    are not telling the hole truth. Yes the Township does, only on some rual roads. I talked
    to the Roads Superintendant. He said the roads there don’t go to any business. The County Sheriff said NO to ATVs on County roads. Same with the Village. There are a little over 1600 People in the Walworth township. Now there’s over 12,000 in Salem,
    And again they do not run ATVs in any residential areas. He said that he is opposed to this. Even through he owns a ATV. he go’s to the trails, Where thy belong.
    These group also said that they have talked to many people in different subdivision, and said that all was in favor. Wrong. I have walked three Subdivision and Know One has heard about this except from My self or if they read about it in the paper. We need to show up at the July 21 2014 Meeting at 6 PM. For your listening enjoyment. Go to the web site listed below Then go to agendas & minutes Then go to. Audio fo meetings,
    Then go to 5/19/14 part 3 fo 7 and again enjoy the comments this board says
    about this is the best thing that they have ever done. But what about the cost of our KIds. Hurt or worse. not only the speeding, noise, year around riding. The board
    says that they can control this by signs. and a cost of $25.00 to registered, That would no way cover the cost. It will never cover the costs Supervisor Culat says he has contacted business , when I talk to him and Sue Milligan he said he would like to go to Bars, and may be lunch. Chairperson Tesar said that Natural Resource has been contrcted and said that they should start with a small area to see how it works. WELL
    I Called N,R and DNR and both said its a bad idea. and both said that the State made this posible for Township to go ahead. I also talked to a person running for the Senate
    he also said that it should not be done. This township is going to grow with in the next 7 or 8 years. Due to the Townboard at that time. 2006 and 2007 In all phasses of building there was to be 1000 home build here. At that time no one new what was going on. and here we are again Two board member are still on the board. We need to support the non use of ATV in our Town. If this go’s through we will then need to VOTE this Board out. Supervisor Dan Campion is the only one that did not supportthis. Our Judge is also the spear head for ATV. Again the meeting is 7-21-14 at 6 PM
    Thank You Jerry Leslie

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